How To Layer Necklaces



IMG_7124My favorite look of the moment (from bottom to top) J.Crew Coral pendant, Forever 21 triangle chain, Gold circle charm is thrifted, Forever 21 Yes No chain, Gold beads chain DIY, Thin Gold Choker is thrifted 

IMG_7128Guidelines & Inspiration 

Currently trending is the layered necklace look. I’m in love with it and can’t get enough of dainty chains or my big chunky statement pieces. So where do we begin? Do you just throw on a bunch of necklaces and call it a day? Not quite. Above I found a cool chart on Pinterest to help with placement which is fairly simple. Makes it much easier when purchasing jewelry online, you’ll know more or less where the necklace will fall because of the size of the chain. I found mixing metals to be the best way for me. The different tones of silver and gold make them stand out around your neck. Also pairing geometrical shapes such as a triangle and circle (as I did above) balance each other out. I like the more clean dainty look but you can definitely throw in a chunky statement piece and work around that. You can also add stones or colored jewels for a little bit of contrast between the necklaces.

You always want to start with the longest piece first and then start to build. I have a J. Crew necklace with a long piece of coral in gold and the shape is very unique to me. It resembles a rectangular shape and it is plain enough to dress up or down. Then start layering!  Most of mine are from Forever 21 which I purchased recently and have been loving! They’re super inexpensive and a great place to start your collection, I will probably pay them a visit next week. Another good place to purchase layering necklaces is Etsy. Handmade is always the best and I appreciate the effort sellers put in to their pieces, just type in dainty necklaces in the search bar on the Esty website. Asos also have really good sales on jewelry and shipping is free! Thrifting pieces is also fun and very good to your pockets. The thin gold choker I’m wearing is one of my favorite pieces and it only cost me 50 cents! Your piece will also be one of a kind especially if they’re outdated, it’s like digging through Grandmas jewelry box. Last but not least there is always the good ole D.I.Y! You can make a trip to your local arts & crafts store for chain and different beads, pendants, charms etc. You can also re-use jewelry you don’t reach for anymore, grab a pair of needle nose pliers and start taking things apart. You’d be surprised at the things you can make. The silver necklace with the gold beads above is a perfect example of recycling jewelry.

You don’t really have to spend a fortune on jewelry to make it work. Just remember placement, mixed metals and mixed shapes!

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