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M.A.C Starter Kit For Eyes




If you go to a M.A.C store or counter for the first time it can be slightly overwhelming with all the eyeshadows that are so beautifully displayed. Choosing the right brushes for yourself can be a hassle as well so I thought I’d share some safe proof eyeshadows and brushes everyone should start out with. First off M.A.C shadows come in individual pots or the actual pan to put directly into a palette like I have above. Its cheaper if you purchase the pans and makes it much easier when doing a look or traveling, just toss it in your makeup bag and you’re ready to go! I chose very neutral everyday shades but if you want some more definition I’ll tell you which shadow  you can switch out in a minute.

Lets start with base shades, I chose two that are very easy to wear and can also just be used on their own for a quick wash of color on the lid. First shadow is Patina which is this gold brown taupe and All That Glitters, a warm pink golden champagne. Both colors are gorgeous neutral shades with shimmer in them adding just a bit of brightness to the lids. Next I chose a crease shade called Wedge which is perfect on almost every skin tone. Wedge is matte brown that has enough warmth and coolness to add contour to the eye. If this shade is too light for you and you prefer a darker look for everyday try Mystery, a matte dark brown. For the brow bone I went with a matte cream shade called Brulee, this can also double as a base shade adding a bit of Wedge and Patina in the crease. If you prefer a shimmery highlight for your brow bone Ricepaper is a nice gold shade  to switch Brulee out for.

M.A.C do some of the best eye brushes I’ve come across yet. They’re very durable and blend like a dream. I chose a shading/paddle, crease and blending brush. The M.A.C 239 is a flat shading brush that is great to pack on color to the eyelid. The tip of the brush is flat enough to drag some color underneath the lower lash line too! The M.A.C 217 is a cult classic and really works at the crease to define the eye. Last the M.A.C 224 is a great fluffy blending brush to transition the crease work and help everything appear more gradient. If you applied to much to the crease this brush is perfect to smooth everything out and blend even further than the 217.

These picks in my opinion will work great for everyone and its a good way to get your feet wet if trying M.A.C shadows/brushes for the first time. The shadows have amazing pigmentation and last all day. Head down to your local M.A.C counter and let me know how you get on!

6 thoughts on “M.A.C Starter Kit For Eyes

  1. Yay!!! I bought the Patina & jete(I think) and then the satin toupe and all that glitters. In love with the brush but pretty pricey. Thank you! Please on your list can you make a list of combination for Mac pallets especially their neutrals. Thank you! 🙂

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