Diptyque Infused Facial Water

The Diptyque Saga continues with the Infused Facial Water from their new skin care range. Just when I though skin care couldn’t get any fancier, I mean the packaging speaks for itself. I’ve been using this as my toner of choice and even as a light cleanser in the AM. When I initially opened it the smell was exactly like the Rosamundi LE candle, but now it reminds me of witch hazel. One complaint I have is how the pump dispenses the product, It squirts out and is a bit wasteful in my opinion. I might transfer it to a spray bottle to chuck in my bag for the Summer! It doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry, taut or tacky. I’ve also found that it’s helped with some of the redness in the center of my face. Overall it’s just luxury for the face but nothing else from the range really appealed to my eyeballs (surprising, being the candle hoarder that I am). I didn’t have to have but again what bblogger really does?



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