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Lancôme Lip Lover In Rose Attrape Coeur




These lip balm/gloss hybrids just keep getting better and better! Lancome released 18 shades of this new formula which has many claims and I’m here to say they’re right on point. I chose the shade 316 because again I felt it was a safe choice (or because I’m a coral pink hoarder). When I opened the box up all I saw was shimmer in the tube and kind of panicked. I hate shimmer in a gloss, some formulas are so bad sometimes you can feel the grittiness of the glitter (cringe faces). This shimmer is so fine you can barely tell it’s on the lips once applied. The formula is hydrating, soft, and isn’t tacky at all. The color payoff is slightly sheer but pigmented enough to add color to the lips, I would think that the darker shades would definitely show up. It doesn’t settle into fine lines which is a plus for me.

Now can we talk about the button feature on this thing?! You literally push the button and pop goes the lip wand! It’s like a jack-in-the-gloss, if that makes any sense at all. Oh and talk about the satisfying click when closed, I feel ya Anna! This gloss is brilliant and I can’t wait to pick up more shades. It lasts a good 1-2 hours on the lips before having to re-apply but it’s worth it. Don’t be surprised if I tell you guys I broke the darn thing. Push da button! Push da button! Push da button!

9 thoughts on “Lancôme Lip Lover In Rose Attrape Coeur

  1. This is such a pretty colour…the packaging of this gloss sounds so cool I loved the “jack-in-the-gloss” joke 🙂

  2. I have never tried a lancome beauty product, but this seems like something I need in my life (I am going throught a lip gloss phase right now). As always loved the post and it made me lol.

    Simi (

  3. Great post, delight to read 🙂 that shade looks lovely, really excited to try these out! Have high hopes with all the good reviews I’m reading 🙂

  4. more reviews I read on these glosses, more I want to go try. I hate gritty shimmer too. I actually prefer very minimal shimmer in lip products. if it is too much, I would never wear them

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