I’ve Got A Thing For The Blues . . .



Powder freakin blue, who would have guessed I’d like an actual color other than black. It’s one of Springs “it” colors along with other pastels. New in from Essie is a lovely pale ice blue in the shade Find Me An Oasis. It’s opaque in just two coats and I’d say it has a white base with a tinge of blue to it. Essie polishes usually last 5-7 days before I start to see chipping. Next is Deborah Lippmann’s Blue Orchid from their new Spring collection, it’s a periwinkle blue with slight purple undertones. This is my second go at DL polishes because the first polish I tried wasn’t all too great. Luckily this glides on smoothly and is opaque in two coats. I might have gotten one from a bad batch the last time. It too has the same longevity as the Essie polishes. I also did a post on a dupe for the YSL Gris Underground shade which is in the similar shade range if you’re interested click here. What blues are you into this season?

15 thoughts on “I’ve Got A Thing For The Blues . . .

  1. I have a
    So been into powderblue this season,..see it everywhere!! I just found a perfect powder blue nail polish shade from Bourjois in the shade Bleu water

  2. I love blue shades at this time of year! Both of these are lovely colours, and I agree with you about how long Essie polishes last. Blue Orchid is such a pretty shade!


  3. I am not so much into the blues but pastel pink instead. Just as you, I am very surprised that I even like it because I have never been fond of pastels!!

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