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L’oreal Collection Privèe




L’oreal released a limited edition collection of nude polishes along with matching (somewhat) lipsticks. All chosen to be represented by 6 iconic spokespersons, Julianne’s nude, Eva’s nude, Doutzen’s nude, Jennifer’s nude, Liya’s nude, Frieda’s nude. I went with Miss J.Lo because lets face it the woman’s a golden goddess! Jennifer’s Nude is a pretty flesh toned pink with a cream finish. It lasts about 2-3 hours before fading starts and they smell like C. Howard’s Violet Mint Squares but in a good way. I’ve been wearing it all week without a gloss over top because it’s very moisturizing. The corresponding nail color is an elephant grey taupe which isn’t a nude by any means but it pairs nicely with the lipstick. All you need is two coats for an opaque finish and I love the wide brush head! I was able to pick this up on a buy one get one 1/2 off at my local Rite Aid, so worth checking out! Now all I need is a damn tan and highlights!

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