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Allure Lustings For March





One of the sexiest women alive is on the cover of this months issue, Victoria Beckham. When I grow up I want to be as chic and sophisticated as her! Charlotte Tilbury worked her magic once again using Smashbox cosmetics to create the masculine look that was “hauntingly romantic”. Victoria strolled in on set wearing a black tunic, black skinny jeans, and black aviators from her own line (my kind of gal).This issue was packed with a lot of juicy articles and a ton of new spring trends . . .

1. Bring On The Pastels : Y’all know my obsession with powder blue as of late right? I almost died when I turned to the “Fashion Cravings” section with all the pastel colors! Those Rebecca Minkoff trousers are still on my mind . . .

2. How To Scent Your Home : That really isn’t an issue with me being a Diptyque hoarder and all but I really enjoyed this article! Here are some tips I’ve picked up below . . .

  • Bees-wax or soy-wax candles give off a lasting fragrance and burn more cleanly than paraffin ones.
  • dab a few drops of essential oil inside the toilet paper roll during a dinner party, use a fresh scent to avoid clashing with your cuisine.
  • When in doubt, choose citrus. It compliments nearly any setting or occasion because it will refresh, soothe, and smell clean at once.

3. Short Orders : In a weeks time I will officially go back to short hair. I’ve decided to take the plunge and just go for it. This article had great tips on cutting off all your locks and different styles of short hair cuts which are totally in btw!

4. Classic Smokey Eyes : I don’t give a tiny rats ass what anyone says, smokey eyes can be difficult to achieve at times! The blending process can take a turn for the worse but fear no more, this 9 step manual seems pretty easy and just a good basic system. From the necessities to tips even a pictogram of sorts you’re squared away!

5. The Influencers : The six top innovators who have influenced the biggest trends in beauty and fashion. Pat McGrath’s bit was my favorite but Alexander Wang, Luigi Murenu’s articles were just as good. Francis Kurkdjian who is a “Perfumer” had some interesting tips like spritzing the inside of your coat collar, it leaves a delicate trail behind you as you walk. You also want to spray the inside of your blouse or lingerie, the scent won’t wear off as quickly as it will on the skin. Your body heat will still activate the fragrance and bring it to life.

24 thoughts on “Allure Lustings For March

  1. You know, I don’t even know how I got subscribed to Allure, but I’m so glad! Three significantly sized samples in this issue, some beautiful spreads, and everything you just mentioned just kind of earned them a spot on my shelf in the long term. 😀

  2. I cannot wait to see your new do! I’ve had a short bob for years, and am letting my hair grow out a bit, but it’s still short by many people’s standards. I think a short style on you will be lovely.

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