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Diptyque Eau Duelle

EauDuelleEau Duelle has to be my favorite scent from Diptyque next to Tam Dao. With Vanilla being the base it’s very spicy and sensual scent, it’s know as the “vanilla for grown ups”. I can pick up  cardamom, pink pepper, juniper, black tea, and bergamot. The packaging is nice and hefty with the gorgeous label on the front. Diptyque scents are timeless and in my opinion worth every penny. The smell lasts all day and fades to a nice soft warm vanilla scent. It might be a bit much for the Summer but during the colder months is perfect! Here is the description from the Diptyque website . . .

” Vanilla being an adventurous soul, diptyque has taken her along the Spice Route, the promise of dreams, distant horizons, and all that is exotic. On this imaginary journey, the original bean strikes out to experience an encounter of East and West. She revels in each enchanting port of call, in cities of legendary name, Babylon and Goa, Venice and Carthage, Constantinople and Baghdad…Over the course of vanilla’s wondrous wanderings, she drinks in the exhilarating spices, each blending with her essence in a fragrant fusion. As she becomes intoxicated with this multiplicity of meetings, vanilla finds her fuller self, one that is, at last, more precious than ever.”

I adore the smell and it has made its way into my bag for the past week, I’ll be going to NYC next month and look forward to visiting the boutique in person to see what else I fall in love with. I can’t wait!

19 thoughts on “Diptyque Eau Duelle

  1. Ciao Tammie!
    Eau duelle is WONDERFUL but you said well, for spring and summer is a little too much! For spring I suggest you Ofresia (so delicate!) or Do Son (Sping in a bottle) but for summer you should try Philosykos ! Let us know!

  2. I got a free sample of this little gem recently and my gosh do I agree with you! It is absolute heaven and such a warm scent, will defiantly be purchasing the bottle

    Have an amazing time in New York and just a quick note, your photography in this post and other posts is amazing!!

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