Monthly Favs / The Video

February 2014 Favs


This was my first video that went up on YouTube and here I am a year later . . . Time flies and I’ve gotten a whole lot better at this video thing! Not too many favorites this month but I did have a few staples I’ve added to my collection that I’ve been loving. All the links are in the description box of the video and until next time!


11 thoughts on “February 2014 Favs

  1. Your photos always look so beautiful! Great video, one of my february favourites this month was one of maybelline’s nude lipsticks too. I love there smell though, weird!


  2. I loved watching your February video! The Naked Basics have been my go-to shadow this month too.
    Your rings are lovely, I’ll be looking out for those in H&M
    I’m so glad that powder blue is back for spring – it is definitely my favourite nail polish shade of all time!


  3. I have been looking to order a dainty necklace from Etsy myself, but wasn’t sure what length to buy. Then, your blog post came out today (perfect timing)! What length did you order? It seems to be the length I’m drawn to in various pictures, but I have no idea how many inches! Just started following your blog a couple of weeks ago. I’m really enjoying it so far. 🙂

  4. Your post was timed perfectly! I have been unsure of what length to order a necklace in on Etsy, that I’ve been wanting for a few days now. Do you mind telling me what length yours is? It’s perfect! I just started following your blog a little over a week ago, and I’m really enjoying it so far! 😉

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