What’s On My iPhone . . .

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Are you guys nosy like me? Just like I’m addicted to watching what’s in my bag videos, I love to know what people use on their phones. Maybe I was meant to be a virgo in another lifetime because I love making lists, categories, itineraries and other virgo-esk things like that. I will literally be a pile a mush if I didn’t have my phone, a bit dramatic you say? Yea I know, my essential apps are as follows . . .

1.Instagram – You all know I love my account dearly, I love photography and this happens to be my preferred social media site. Follow me @lipstickwithsomesunshine

2.Afterlight, VSCO cam, PhotoGrid and Squaready – My absolute favorite picture editing apps! I’ve mentioned these before but they’re what I use to edit my blog photos as well.

3.Bloglovin – This is like a virtual newspaper of the days posts all in one feed. I sit down and have my breakfast every morning as I scroll away!

4.Signature – This is a nifty app to add a signature to your emails, I use this for my business account and it works just fine when I send emails from my phone.

5.Dropbox – This allows you to share files that might be too large for your phone. You can save photos, access docs from your computer when on the go, and you can send links to friends and family as well.

6. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest – These are the basics, I don’t use Pinterest to upload pictures but I do use it for inspiration.

7. HP ePrint – I have a wireless printer that allows me to print from anywhere, it’s pretty cool!

8.Polyvore – This app allows you to create collages of items, so If you wanted to do a wish-list or outfit idea I highly recommend it!

9.Wordpress – I check my comments every now and again from my phone or if I’m at work I can upload a post that just needs to be proofread before posting. I don’t use it to type a whole post up but it’s good for editing minor mistakes.

10.Printic – You can order good quality Polaroid style pictures all on your phone. They offer free worldwide shipping and are super inexpensive!

Please share some of your favorite apps down below, I’d love to try out new ones!

*On my nails / Orly Boho Bonnet 

11 thoughts on “What’s On My iPhone . . .

  1. You should definitely try Evernote and Trip-It too! Evernote is a notes app (duh), but you can search it, add attachments and even search for the text in images. Trip-It is the app for a website that gathers all you hotel/flight/ticket confirmation emails and turns it into a digital itinerary for you – it works really well too. I also like MyBeautyCache, which helps track your makeup inventory 🙂

  2. Some of my favourite apps (apart from the usual) are Wunderlist for making lists, Convert units, and NASA’s Astro pic of the day 🙂

  3. Thanks for this list! I have a few of these apps as well and it’s funny how often I’ve seen the photo apps recommended. I think I’ll commit to downloading them now. 😉

    The Rambling Fangirl

  4. Working on a similar post 🙂 ; we have some of the same favorites – Afterlight, VSCO and Polyvore. I also love the Afterphoto app (lets you add text, artwork etc) to you pics. I am also loving poshmark (lets you list and sell stuff directly from your iPhone).

    Simi (

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