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Feline Flick Tricks

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The classic flick has been on my eyelids for the past two weeks which is a bit strange for me because I barely even wear eye shadow. I think this is probably the second thing people struggle with when it comes to make up application (first being foundation matching and application) and I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone! It took me years to get it right and still to this day have issues making the lines even on both sides if I’m being rushed. What’s that saying? Don’t ask a girl with liner why she is late . . . yea totally me. I’ve tried all types of liner and have found that liquid is my favorite formula. You can use pencil or a gel liner too! It’s just too easy using a sharpie-like pen and drawing the darn flick on. My holy grail liner was the L’oreal The Super Slim Liquid Liner which is perfect for beginners and costs nothing compared to other higher end liners. I’ve recently come across Kat Von D’s Liquid Liner in Trooper and pricey or not it’s amazing! The tip is an actual brush compared to the L’oreal which is a felt tip. Felt tips tend to lose shape after time and won’t give you that precise flick. It has a matte finish which I luurve, god knows I hate shiny liner ughhh. The staying power of the Kat Von D liner is better than the L’oreal of course but If you’re a beginner both are great options. For gel which I rarely whip out because it’s the most time-consuming, I use M.A.C Blacktrack Fluid Line. I’ve used this for years and it’s the best when it comes to pigmentation, longevity and formulation. I prefer an angled brush rather than a pointed liner brush because you can use the edge of the brush to almost stamp the flick on.

It’s tough to tell you how to draw the flick on because we all have different eye shapes, I have a slight hooded eye so I have to be really careful where I place my flick. I try to follow my bottom lash line out and use it as a guide. Now are you ready?

  • Use short strokes at the lash line rather than just dragging the liner across the lid, this ensures you get all the fleshy bits and adds more pigment.
  • Start at the middle of the lid for the easiest application then work your way out.
  • When drawing the flick use the tip of your brush and trace a line lightly, once you get the shape right you can go over again to intensify it.
  • Cotton buds and makeup remover are your best friend, keep em close.
  • Tight lining (the upper inner rim of the eye) can improve the look of your eyeliner plus it conceals any gaps between your eyeliner and lashes.
  • I always tell everyone to really get into the roots then worry about smoothing out the line.
  • Make sure your elbow is on a steady surface, this gives you more control.
  • Practice makes perfect, sit down on a day you have time to play and try and try again!
  • For those with close-set or small eyes, you can lengthen the width of your eyes by focusing your liner at your outer corners.
  • Try drawing a row of dots and then connect them using small short strokes, think of it like mapping out the placement of the liner.
  • You can always use a piece of scotch tape at the outer corner of the eye to use as a guide, it will also give you a nice clean flick.

It’s super frustrating at times and there really isn’t a wrong or right way to do it, the trick is to find a method that suits you best!

22 thoughts on “Feline Flick Tricks

  1. Great post, just discovered your blog! I blogged about my love for the Kat Von D liner last week, it just makes it so effortless doesn’t it? I think it’s the fact that it is actually a tightly packed brush tip, it just makes the flick so sharp and precise.

  2. Thanks for the tips I really struggle with liner. I’ll have to try your dot trick and keep some scotch tape handy next time! Also this eye look I gorgeous 🙂

  3. It’s so tricky to get this right, but when you do, the results are addicting! I find liquid is the only way to go with this. Gel works too, but it’s more of a smudgy affect, at least when I do it. Thanks for the great tips!

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