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Stacks On Stacks



daintyringsI get a ton of questions as to where I get my rings, Etsy is my number one pick! The stacking trend has been around for a bit but honestly it’s how I wear my rings trend or not. Rings are my favorite accessory to wear, I feel it completes my mani in way (only me right?). I switch it up as to where I put each one so you can play and create whatever style you’d like. I thought I’d list where I purchase mine from so you can get your stacks on . . .

Etsy (HomegrownSilverStone, SilverbyKeri, AWildViolet) – This is probably the most inexpensive but best quality you’ll find. The ones I purchase are super thin and dainty which makes it great for stacking! The three shops I listed above I’ve placed numerous orders because they’re well made.

ASOS – Free Shipping, free returns and they do the best sales on their jewelry. It’s usually a hit or miss type thing when it comes to ASOS and a bit overwhelming with all the choices they have. If you have time to kill then sit down with a cup of something and get to scrolling.

Kohl’s – I don’t remember how I came across their jewelry section but they have an awesome selection when it comes to rings. I was just in this past weekend and they had a 60% off sale!


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