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A Few Beauty Tips & Tricks . . .




I’ve picked up several tips and tricks along my beauty journey throughout the years, I wish I had some one back in the day to tell me not to fill my brows in with black eye liner (it was horrendous). It took me a bit to finally get makeup application right like any novice and other beauty related things . . .

  • Change your pillow cases regularly
  • Exfoliate your legs prior to shaving for a closer smoother shave
  • Use a waterproof mascara to hold the curl to your lashes
  • Do not apply mascara right after curling lashes, give them time to set
  • Apply moisturizer to your face while its still damp
  • Wash your hair with cold water to prevent frizz
  • The best time to dye your hair is when its dirty
  • Press face serums into the skin rather than swiping them
  • Double up your lip balm as a moisturizer for your cuticles
  • If you went over board with your face powder lightly spritz your brush with water and pat it on the face
  • Wipe your cell phone at night with an anti-bacterial wipe
  • To make your lipstick last all night press a tissue against your lips and dust translucent powder over your mouth to seal your lip color
  • Never curl your lashes with mascara on, you run the risk of pulling them out
  • If your lipgloss gets a little tacky, let it sit in a cup of hot water for about a minute
  • Dab a tiny bit of concealer on the center of your lips over top of a lip color and blend it in for healthy fuller look
  • Your hair can suffer from sun damage as well, SPF for your hair is available
  • Don’t forget to moisturize your neck, it’s the first area to show signs of aging

YouTube is seriously your best friend when it comes to tips and tricks, it helped me back when I walked out of the house looking a hot mess thinking I perfected makeup application. Black eyebrows, I mean seriously Tammie?!

20 thoughts on “A Few Beauty Tips & Tricks . . .

  1. I had NO idea your neck is the first place to show signs of aging. Crazy!! Also, I’ll have to start moisturizing right after I shower. Thanks so much for the tips!

  2. I really appreciate these tips….thanks for sharing!!! Even though I am a new subbie your blog is my favorite…aesthetically and informatively.

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