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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush






IMG_0204These just arrived at my door step and a much-anticipated release from Hourglass Cosmetics. My all time favorite face powder infused with blush, what more can a girl ask for? I though I’d share my first impressions and compare sizes to the original face powders. I purchase Dim Infusion which is a nice peachy shade with Dim Light veining and Ethereal Glow which is more of a cool baby pink with Ethereal Light veining. Nars blushes are priced at $29 for 16oz of product and these are $35 for 15oz of product. Considering the price you get more with a Nars blush and its less expensive but the Hourglass Lighting Blush is a 2 in 1 product so in my opinion well worth the investment.

Now comparing them to the regular lighting powders which contain 35oz of product you can see above how much larger the pan is but not by much. They’re thin enough that they fit comfortably in my muji drawers. Compared to the limited edition palette that was released around Christmas each pan contains 0.116oz. w You can visibly see (above) how much smaller they are than the blush when put side by side. The packaging is now in this foiled almost rose gold color with the Hourglass etched in black across the lid.

As for the texture of the blushes, they’re super smooth just like the face powders. They’re not super pigmented like a regular blush because they’re suppose to mimic a natural flush of color but with that being said I was able to build them up to get enough pigment to my liking. I have on Ethereal glow right now and it looks so natural and pretty! I’m very content so far and can’t wait to see the other colors in person. They’re now available on the Hourglass website and will be available at other retailer’s such as Sephora, Space NK, Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, and Net-A-Porter in February. I’ll keep you guys posted if anything changes but Hourglass, my hat comes off to you!

34 thoughts on “Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush

  1. You’re so awesome for having these already!
    Btw, how the staying power compared to Tom Ford & Tarte’s blushes?
    Thanks 😉

    • I’ll keep you posted when I wear it tomorrow with a full face of makeup to see how long they last! But I’d say Tom Ford & Tarte blushes are true pigmented blushes where as these are sort of a hybrid combo of the original lighting powders!

  2. I saw them the other night on Space NK’s website and held off buying them since I just bought some of the new Tom Ford collection but you might have just pushed me over the edge to buy one!!! They look so gorgeous !!

  3. Phew, I’m glad I didn’t order the pink one as it looks SO white and pale. A blessing in disguise since the reason I didn’t order it was that it was sold out. I can’t wait for mine to arrive 😀 xx

  4. Okay so now that I’ve seen the swatches… I’m not as hype (not a bad thing though)! They remind me of the highlighting blush I just purchased from Bobbi which I am deeply in love with. I was hoping for these to be more pigmented but that’s okay… I’m sure that’s in the works eventually. Fantastic review as always Tammie❤️

  5. Saw these while searching online about beauty products and I knew you would have some type of posts about them. They are gorgeous. I have to say I didn’t like the ambient lighting powders. But I’m looking forward to these. They may work better for me. Thanks for sharing.

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