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IMG_0196Every now and again I get to thinking, “What the hell would I do if my makeup got lost or stolen?!”. Just the thought makes me cringe but if I did where would I start? What are my staples? Where would I even begin? You guys get the point right? Drama aside, I dug through my stash and pulled out 10 items (unintentionally) that I consider to be HG. . .

1. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Evasion – The perfect everyday nude pink shade. This has enough shine that I don’t need a gloss and its super hydrating. This is one of those lip products where you don’t need a mirror to apply it and goes with just about any look. Mine is nearly gone and its the second one I’ve purchased already!

2. M.A.C 217 Brush – This is the mother of all eye brushes, only one word comes to mind. . . basics. If you wear eyeshadow of any kind I promise you this brush will change your life! I own 7 of them because its great for any type of eye look and I just enjoy hoarding 217’s like it’s my job. No seriously get one if you haven’t yet, it’s good for one wash of color on the lid or if you really need to get into that crease. A staple in anyones collection.

3. Chanel Eyelash Curler – I’ve tried all different types of curlers and finally found the perfect pair! This is probably the most important item out of my entire makeup collection which is absurd to say but I curl my lashes every single day. Even if I’m just in the house bummin it out I feel that I’m not complete if my lashes aren’t curled (total weirdo I know). Does anyone else have this problem? #eyelashcurlingaddict

4. Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation – I’ve already touched basis with this baby right here. I’ll ramble a bit more in case you’re interested because it’s what we bloggers do. I have oily combo skin and I would consider this to be a medium coverage foundation. It smells of lavender and peppermint which doesn’t bother me at all because it doesn’t linger. It’s the skin-like finish it provides that leaves me in awe, ahhh every single time.

5. Anastasia Brow Wiz – Can I call this “eyebrow in a tube”? The only pencil that mimics actual brow hair. It’s a mechanical pencil with a spoolie on the other end which makes it perfect to chuck in your bag. My big bushy caterpillars are sparse in some areas and this fills them right in.

6. Hourglass Ambient Powder in Dim Light – Hourglass nailed this formula down to the T. It’s a dewy finish in powder form. This powder was meticulously created and I love the whole concept of lighting that’s involved. Some people love it or hate it and I think mainly it’s because a lot of people don’t know how to use them properly. The best powder on the market!

7. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed – The neutral blush that will look good paired with any type of makeup look. This is flattering on the majority of skin tones and I reach for it the most out of all the blushes I own.

8. Maybelline Full & Soft WP Mascara – In order to maintain my lashes curled all day I must use a waterproof mascara. Any regular formula will be like splashing pure water on them causing them to droop back down again (lash problems). This lengthens just a bit, adds volume and separates. It’s dirt cheap and effective.

9. Nars Pro-Prime Smudge-proof Eye Shadow Base– For all my oily eyelid gals look no further! I cannot I repeat cannot wear eyeshadow without a primer. It’s sad to be honest, the way it pools up and looks all panda-ish. I have found that this formula isn’t tacky or heavy and it’s colorless. It’s not even an option for me I must have this at all times.

10. Jouer Bronzer in Suntan – I’ve tried so many bronzers and all of them look too orange or  muddy. This is a 2 in 1 deal, it’s subtle enough to contour with and great to add warmth back into the skin. I’ve literally used this everyday since I got it and can’t believe I haven’t hit pan yet! I love this bronzer and sometimes just wear this on its own without blush. It’s completely matte which is a must for me.

I’ve either repurchased these items or will in the near future once they’re gone (frowning at the mere thought). What are some of your most coveted makeup possessions?

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16 thoughts on “Cult Products

  1. love that jouer bronzer & nars primer! except i’m too lazy to always wear primer, whoops. I think that Bobbi Brown foundation is nice but I am not a fan of lavender and generally scented base products just bother my nose, ugh! lol. Great picks! I’m kind of horrified thinking about what would happen if all my makeup disappeared!

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