The Review

Le Blanc De Chanel Sheer Illuminating Base


sheerilluminatingbasePrimer can be a hassle to apply everyday or and added step that you really don’t have time for when you only have 5 mins to get ready, especially when a pump isn’t included. This my friends will change all of that, healthy plump skin in a bottle coming right up (again pump-less but it’s all good)! This primer isn’t sticky or too heavy, it’s almost like adding another moisturizer over top of your regular skin care. It also gives you a natural healthy glow instantly without any shimmer. The formula is pretty magical and makes your foundation adhere better to achieve that skin-like base. You literally need the smallest amount and included is a stick applicator to help reach the product. The smell is light and reminds me of oats, it isn’t the traditional Chanel Rose smell. It minimizes pores without that silicone feeling which I can’t stand. The consistency is a bit runny but when blended it’s very creamy on the skin. My only complaint is the way it dispenses product but besides that this is the best primer I’ve tried to date! It’s a bit pricey but for the amount of product you get it’s totally worth it. You can wear it under foundation (I prefer it this method), over top, or even mixed in. This gets a big thumbs up from me so consider the “primer step” added to the routine permanently . . .

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