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5 Blogging Tips No One Tells You At First


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I haven’t been in the game as long as others but before I started LWSS all I did was goggle tips on beauty blogging. You have so many questions and thoughts running through your head that it can all be overwhelming. You either have a thing for it or you don’t, it’s that simple. The amount of effort put in shows through your work and If your blog looks crappy chances are your traffic will be crappy. I try not to focus too much on the numbers aspect of it because I truly love blogging, but to see a crazy spike in your views makes you feel a sense of accomplishment. As far as all the “freebies” it comes with the job, what matters is you stay true to yourself and what you think about a product. I would never jeopardize the integrity of my blog just to review something for the sake of, not my M.O. and never will be. So for all the noobs or established bloggers I bring these tips to you . . .

1. Schedule! Schedule! Schedule! – I can’t stress how much easier this makes it on you! I find that when I think of what I want to write, schedule them on said dates, visually it makes it realistic as to how busy you’ll be. Maybe you only want to post every other day or even twice a week but that all depends on what other things you have going on in life. Do yourself a favor and get a planner, journal or notebook. If you’re a stationary freak like me, keep one in every corner of the house!

2. Nap Time & Bed Time – I have two little bugs that are the ages of 7 & 3. It’s super hard to find time to shoot photos, type up posts, clean, cook, play and all the good things moms do. My son is in school of course so that’s a help but my little one is home with me all day so no break for me! She has a scheduled nap time, that’s when I am able to take some photos or plan out posts for the week. I’ve definitely learned how to multi-task after having kids, a part-time job, the boy and a house. If they’re up while I’m working I’ve got two handy helpers! Typing at night is a bit more relaxing when you can get comfy and know you don’t have to get up to run to the potty with the little one!

3. No Busy Bee-ing! – I know that some people love bows and polka dots which is completely fine but always remember that less is more! I hate looking at blogs that have too much going on with their backgrounds and photos, it distracts from the actual content. A nice clean look is a bit more mature and a lot more appealing to the eye. I started out with a mint background and some polka dots that I wasn’t happy about in the end so I changed it. I feel that the layout has to balance itself out and shouldn’t be too busy, it can be tacky at times!

4. Accept The Good & Bad – People will be people and you’ll always have someone to spread some hate, what can you do about it? Shit. You can’t please the world nor are you meant to so continue to do what you love and all you can do is give yourself the necessary tools to become a better blogger everyday. You need to have a tough exterior and learn how to click, block, erase. Exposing yourself to other people in different parts of the world has its perks as well so it isn’t all bad, I’ve met some wonderful people through this experience. That right there is what counts, your faithful viewers! P.S – btw I love you guys!

5. Twit-Sta-Book It Up! – Social media believe or not plays a major role on getting your blog noticed! You can interact, share links and post updates to give your viewers a little insight of who you are as a person. I love talking to my viewers and when things are shared it makes it easier to talk to new ones as well! You start building relationships with other bloggers and really engaging in the blogging community which I think makes you a better blogger. It’s also nice to know you aren’t the only one obsessed with that new Nars Palette that just released, yea we’ve all been there!

Everything is trial and error, eventually you’ll find what works best for your lifestyle. Be confident, patient and never give up. I’m hoping one day this all leads to what my goals are and I’m determined to get there. I’m also realistic of my chances of being recognized and that’s where being patient comes in. I’m proud of my work and it should be the only thing that matters in the end!

42 thoughts on “5 Blogging Tips No One Tells You At First

  1. I’m a graphic artist and i personally like my busy background i made myself to go along with my banner 🙂 However everyone is own to their opinions! I just hope you hate looking at my blog all because of my background xD Other than that i really enjoyed this post! and your blog ❤ Until next time xo

  2. Hi Tammy!! I am fatimah from fatimahearts!! Just started following you on Instagram and bloglovin a month back and i am already in love with your blog and your ig!! I am also a mom and I too blog at night after my daughter is already asleep..I will be graduating soon so I hope to focus more on my own blog..thanks a lot for the tips..aspire to be a better blogger someday.. I just knew that you love Vivianadoesmakeup too!!

  3. Thank you for posting this, I found you through Corrie from dizzybrunette3 who is a really lovely girl. You have shared brilliant tips, sometimes I feel like my blog goes unnoticed and then when I receive comments I am overjoyed that people have spent time out to read and type their thoughts. I have made my layout quite clear (one of those who does have a polka dot background though oops!) and I can schedule better now. I probably need more social networking as I don’t own a twitter or facebook page yet! 🙂 x

    Essence of Jess

    • Aww thanks dear! I get super excited to respond to comments too! Oh and there is nothing wrong with polka dots lol mine at the time were just terrible but I fixed it! Just keep pushing forward and you’ll get there eventually! Thanks again for stopping by!

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  5. I’ll definitely take your advice on scheduling blog posts! And wow, now I really admire you for being a good multi-tasker, juggling blogging and your kids! You deserve a pat at the back! 🙂

  6. Your point no. 3 (keeping things clean and easy on the eye) really hit me that mine is too busy, I have to admit I like background as it makes it personal but it is very dark at the same time. Please please please if you could take out a moment from your busy schedule and check out my blog and give me your honest opinion I would be UTTERLY GRATEFUL! xoxo

  7. Great post. Especially about scheduling. Too many aspirant bloggers become one-time bloggers because they overlooked how much work is involved in creating a quality blog. It’s very easy to write about the first thing that comes into your head but editing it for the reader’s enjoyment also takes time. I’ve neglected my blog slightly to focus on building up a portfolio of great articles that I can publish on a consistent basis.

    Ditto the social media aspect– even great writers need to understand the importance of social media sharing and also search engine optimisation. I once presented a workshop about the basics of social media to a group of journalists who were mortified when I suggested they also start blogging. Evidently, one does not study journalism to become a blogger, but they eventually came around and agreed that blogging is their best marketing tool as an online portfolio.

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