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Diptyque Rosa Mundi





This limited edition candle couldn’t have been released at a better time because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. With its pink hues and packaging Diptyque always has a rich history behind each of their scents . . .

Rosamund Clifford

“Rosa Mundi, a variety of rose, was named after Rosa­mund Clifford, the mistress of King Henry II (England’s monarch from 1154 to 1189). Rosamund Clifford (1150-1176), also known as the “The Fair Rosamund” or “Rose of the World”, was his ill-fated long-time mistress; Princess Eleanor of Aquitaine, Henry’s subsequent wife, jealous of her husband’s relationship with Rosamund, is said to have had her murdered by poison (the legend says she offered her the choice of dagger or poison and Rosamund chose poison). Her family paid for a tomb at Godstow Nunnery near Oxford, instructing the nuns to place Rosa Mundi roses upon it on the anniversary of her death. This became a popular local shrine until 1191ntil St. Hugh of Avalon, Bishop of Lincoln,  visited the place and saw Rosumund’s tomb right in front of the high altar. Calling Rosamund a harlot, he ordered her remains to be removed from the church. Thus her tomb was taken to the cemetery at the nuns’ chapter house close by, in the end destroyed during the ‘Dissolution of the Monasteries’ (1536 -1540).The rose variety remains to remind us of the fair Rosamund…”

The packaging is to die for! The scent is very fresh clean and you can smell the hint of rose. The regular “Roses” candle from Diptyque is a lot more potent and a true rose scent. I think I will aways remember this love story every single time I come across a rose.

14 thoughts on “Diptyque Rosa Mundi

  1. It’s so lovely that Dyptique always tell a story with their scents. I was giving this a good sniff in Space NK the other day – it really is lovely, and the pink wax makes it all the more special!

  2. Halala … I’ve sent it a few weeks ago at the Galeries Lafayette, while shopping for the sales… It’s smells incredible ! I often don’t like rose’s scent because if them a little bit too strong but here.. It’s perfect! and there isn’t only rose, i don’t remember the other flowers but the mixture is gorgeous. I almost cracked up 😉


    • Oups, too much mistakes .. Anyway in the middle of this mess i was meaning that most of the time i don’t like candles that smell rose because the perfume ends up too strong for me (whereas I looove rose’s scent .. I know it doesn’t make sens). And this pinky color.. So cute.


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