Chanel Beautè De Ongles Protective Base Coat


I’ve been really big into nail care at the moment looking for nail products to help with my peeling brittle talons. I absolutely love the CND Stickey Base Coat but now that I’ve been using a different base coat I believe that is what was causing the peeling. The Chanel Base Coat comes in this gorgeous frosted bottle which looks great on a vanity or near your nail set up. The formula is clear and fast drying. I see minimal tip wearing on the 5th day and still no chipping at all. Once I remove all polish on my nails I’m left with no discoloration due to its anti-yellowing formula. I’ve found that it not only strengthens them but the nail peeling has completely stopped! It’s sad because the CND Base Coat was one of my top finds of 2013. At first my nails didn’t peel when I started using it but I guess over the months my nails started to reject it and I never realized until I started using the Chanel Base Coat. This base coat is a bit pricey as with all Chanel products but worth the investment if you want protection as well as longevity when it comes to your manicures. The best things come in little black bags!

8 thoughts on “Chanel Beautè De Ongles Protective Base Coat

  1. The frosted glass is beautiful! I also like that the formula is anti-yellowing — right now I’m using Zoya’s Anchor when I’m not sticking to OPI Matte Nail Envy as a base — but neither are particularly special, they’re just what is available. This looks like the perfect little dose of high-end beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Chanel packaging really is the creme d la creme of beauty packaging I really need to add some to my collection. I’ve been using the CND base coat for a four months and personally I’ve not had any problems with it but now I’m at the end of my bottle I think it’s time to try something new 🙂

  3. Hi, is this base coat 5 free? Im looking base coat what is friendly for my nails and this Chanel looks good…i read that Chanels polishes are 5 free but base ?


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