Happy New Year 2014


As I’m sitting at my makeup area I can’t help but think how far I’ve come this year with blogging, working, and my family. I am extremely grateful for all your comments and the fact that you take time out of your busy lives to come and check out LWSS daily is mind-boggling to me! To the point where I even get emails telling me how I inspire you and motivate you all is the most satisfying reward I can take from all of this. I’ve had really big PR company’s reach out to me and while there is controversy on the “sample” subject I must be doing something right if a company likes my content. It’s honoring in a way to me at least. I think I’ve come a long way since I started out blogging in February and can’t wait for what 2014 holds! I just want to thank every one of you from the bottom of my heart, old and new faces. I hope that this year I am able to provide you with the best content that I can and I’ll always stay true to my opinions.In 2014 I hope I can bring new content as well as being a bit more active on Twitter (Instagram is my jam though). I also hope to see LWSS grow and hear more from you all! I want to improve on being a better blogger, person, and friend. I’m a bit of a loner so really getting out there and meeting new people to experience what life has to offer is another resolution of mine.

With all the mushy stuff aside to make room for more mushy I love each and every one of you so  thank you once again for being by my side through this journey. Your support has motivated me to be better and love what I do. Here’s to 2014! Hope you all had a wonderful year!

Tammie xoxo

12 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014

  1. Congratulations! The controversies behind that PR companies for me the way I see it some of the bloggers are having a hard time to probably be honest if the product actually works or not and the video and blog is becoming too commercial and lacks passion and excitement. I dropped a lot of beauty gurus because they’ve become too commercial for me and fake… 😦 I understand that that’s were they get their income but I’ve seen little bloggers who stayed true to
    Themselves even if it’s sponsored. With you I came across you blog by accident on Instagram I love how you picture and
    Post beauty products I immediately followed and then learned you have a blog I read and since then I regularly visit your blogs and like the photos on Instagram. The way you write and review your products is very informative honest and straight to the point you don’t get lost with your words which makes it easy for me
    To read and understand. Thank you! I look forward to your post in the coming years to come. A prosperous 2014 to you and to us your followers! More makeup? Yes please! 🙂

    • Yea I’ve dropped a ton too because I feel they’re super fake now and I can’t stand watching them now! Blogging is so much more than just taking pictures and writing info that you can find on the box, I feel like each product has a story to tell so I try to make that the main focus when I sit down to write! Thank you so much for being a such a supportive follower of LWSS It means the world to me!!!

  2. Happy New Year, Tammie! I have difficulty making time for Twitter too….Instagram seems so much more fun. I love your photos, and your vanity is LOVE!!! Have a great year ahead, look forward to more great posts!

  3. I love this! I love real people who actually mean what they say. Ive been a fan of your blog from the start and still enjoy reading your daily posts. you inspire me with your success and really feel that this year is my year to expand is so many ways like youtube and in my work as a freelance makeup artist. You put so much passion in your work and inspires me to do that even more. I have my blog and put time and effort any chance i get with any free time i have. I feel that the more i do that and work harder at it i will be where you are at. Keep up the awesome content you bring because you inspire me to be as good as you! xoxox 🙂

    Btw if you ever get the chance to take a peek at my blog, i would love some feedback that can help me out from one blogger to another and what i can do to bring more viewers. I feel that you can give me the advice i need. Thanks!

    • Thank you sooo much for all your kind words! I’m so happy that i’ve inspired you as well, I can’t even put in words as to how much it means to me! I checked out your blog and I’m working on an email for you! I love the layout and really like the typewriters font so i’ll be in touch! I wish you a successful and happy new year!

  4. Happy New Year! I think you deserve all your success because you have one of the most beautiful blogs I’ve read. Your photos and content are always well put together!

  5. I’m not reading your blog since the very beginning but since I found it, it has become a must daily visit for me. I love the content (I am a beauty addict so how couldn’t I love it) and your photographs are beautiful! I know it’s weird but I think there’s something quite peaceful and inspiring too about your blog that makes me want to read it 🙂 So keep up with the good work!
    And have a great 2014!! xo

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