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Lets get down to the nitty-gritty with what goes on BTS at LWSS HQ. Lots of PJ’s, borrowed shirts from the boy (like the photo above), and messy top knots. It really isn’t pretty but once my creative wheels start turning there is no stopping me! I do create a bit of mess with beauty products and the occasional cup of tea on the side but every blogger needs their tools like nurses need their stethoscope. I always get asked what camera or tools I use to blog so I thought I’d add this post to my blogging tips which I’ve talked about here and here.

So I’d say the best investment made when I started blogging was my camera “Maddy”, she’s a Canon 600d/T3i with the kit lens. I use a 32gb sd card which is plenty for me. I love that it has the flip screen which makes taking selfies for the blog a breeze! I haven’t found the need to purchase a new lens until now that I’ve played around with my sister’s camera bag (perks of having a sister who’s a photographer). I might invest in an external flash and a macro lens in the near future! For the novice like me my kit lens has sufficed. I keep a protective filter to preserve the quality of the kit lens. I keep the lens squeaky clean with the Lenspen cleaner which is simple yet effective. I use a Canon RC-6 remote to take pictures and film with ease. To prop my camera up I use the Manfrotto MKC3-H01 tripod and find it to be nice and compact. I purchased a studio lighting kit for about $40 off Amazon which I use occasionally but I prefer natural lighting for my photos. Now when it comes to editing and software I’m and Apple girl all the way! I love the ease of photo stream and iCloud. I have an iMac but obviously I can’t travel around the house with it so I invested in a MacBook Air (gives me a reason to do my work at Starbucks and bed). I have an iPad mini which I upload all my photos to with my handy-dandy SD card reader. Apple products are so easy to use and I have a number of editing apps for filters, editing, etc. I have one mandatory prop which is a white poster board and I go through these like crazy! Luckily they’re only 50 cents so I buy a few at a time and toss them when they get dirty.

If you are in the beginning stages of building your empire I suggest you go out and purchase a copy of Joy Deangdeelert’s Blog Inc book. It has a bunch of tips and info on creating a blog, I still reference back to it to this day. You don’t need all this fancy equipment to blog but it’s what works best for me and my style of blogging. My blogging tools are precious to me and I appreciate every one of them. Now it’s time for me to get back to work and heat up a cup of tea . . .

12 thoughts on “Tools Of The Trade

  1. I love this camera! I just bought it and I’m already so impressed with it after taking only a few pictures for my next blog post. My kit didn’t come with a remote and I’m thinking of getting it along with a 50mm lens which a lot of bloggers seem to like. I think for now I’ll just stick with what I have and get a feel for all of the features. I’ve just followed, found your blog as you were feature in the’s favorite beauty blogs of 2013 post! 🙂

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