Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #38


The Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine : the mother of loose powders, La Mer \ my lip balm rotation \ x-mas presents from my sissy and the boy \ blush is my new favorite color thanks to Alexa Chung \ late night mani while working hard on January 2014 posts / LWSS received new gadgets for x-mas, Santa was awesome this year \ my x-mas card from the lovely Jouer team / what to buy at Sephora with that gift card you received

Product of the week : LG Tone + Headset Of course I had to throw in one of my gifts! The boy saw that my sad broken mint headphones were in desperate need of being replace and got me this futuristic headset. They’re magnetic and the bluetooth works perfectly! I’m so happy with them so my hat comes off to you sunshine! You did good this year!

Must read blog post : Not trying to self promote or toot my own horn here but I get questions about what to purchase from Sephora all the time so I decided to share a few of my cult products with you all, perfect timing too with all those X-mas gift cards floating around!

Must watch video : As you all know I’ve been completely obsessed with “vlogmas”! My life day in and day out is so boring so I would never attempt at filming for a whole month. Alix broke it up into 4 parts for the 4 weeks in December which I though was brilliant! Something to keep in mind I guess . . . never say never right?

Adding to the wish-list : So I just got a MacBook Air for X-mas (how many times am I gonna type X-mas in this post) and I’m searching for a perdy sleeve to put it in, any suggestions?

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