The Review

Winter Lip Heros


20131223-150848.jpgI suffer from really dry chapped lips in the winter time so I hoard lip balms hoping to find that one! These are what I have in rotation atm and get the job done . . .

Korres Lip Butter In Jasmine – I’ve spoken about this balm here but in a different shade. This adds a hint of pink to the lips. It’s extremely hydrating and smells like strawberries!

Dior Crème De Rose –This is number one in my current stash. I use it more during the night because of the thicker consistency. It’s the best when it comes to healing cracked lips overnight. It smells of pure roses and contains an SPF of 10. I tend to rub some on my cuticles every now and again too!

Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner – Great for on the go and I’m so glad I took Beauty Look Book’s advice and picked this up. This has the feeling of vaseline on the lips but not as heavy. It’s a bit minty but tolerable. It’s very hydrating and leaves the lips super soft.

Aēsop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream – The newest addition and a very unique one indeed! It look like lotion when squeezed out of the tube. Once rubbed in it instantly dries to a semi matte finish. It almost acts like a primer for lipstick and leaves the lips feeling moisturized for the most part.

I’ve been eyeing the mother of all balms which is the By Terry Baume De Rose. It is a whopping $58 that I think I’ll be spending very soon. What are some of your go to balms?

10 thoughts on “Winter Lip Heros

  1. Could you elaborate on the Aesop Lip Cream? Does it actually perform well? I’ve been interested in it, but I don’t want to pay good money for a tiny tube of something that’s mediocre, just for the namesake/ hype. :p

  2. Great choices! I use the Dior Creme de Rose and it works wonders. I’ve always wanted to try the Jo Malone Lip conditioner, but wasn’t too sure about the vaseline like consistency every one spoke about. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My favorite of all is Paula Begouin’s lip and body balm (10.00).it plumps moistirizes stays put and acts as a great lip primer before lipstick.I tried many expensive ones and this is the best for me.I also like the dyptique lip balm.

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