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Evening Clutch Essentials



Holiday parties are right around the corner, I happen to be the friend who’s always prepared for a natural disaster and then some. I will excuse myself mid party to make sure everything is still intact like lashes, fresh pits, and that pesky blemish I covered up around 5pm. Clutches are meant to be tiny so I love mini products or even samples are a perfect size. I find Rebecca Minkoff has the perfect sized clutch/handbag to house all my essentials. I always carry a touch up powder for my oily t-zone and I’m currently using my Chanel Les Beiges in No.20. It’s light and just takes the shine away so I’m photo ready, it does contain SPF so I don’t go too crazy with it. For the odd spot I use my trusty Jouer Concealer in Tan which I love! It isn’t messy and I can just dab, blend and go. If I need to refresh my makeup I whip out the Caudalíe Beauty Elixir which is HG for me. This is my 4th bottle of it and great to use as a setting mist. If I am wearing falsies I always bring my DUO glue. There is nothing more sad than a girl flirting with an eyelash hanging off her lid, I tell ya it truly breaks my heart. I’ll bring my Anastasia Beverly Hills mini tweezers to pop them back in place. I’ll carry my mascara of choice if I need to add a bit more volume as well. Sometimes while wearing liquid liner things can go south if you’re hot and sweaty, I carry a mini Kat Von D liquid liner to retouch anything that has smeared or smudged off. I always have a black eyeliner for the waterline if I wanna change-up my look and for that I use MUFE Aqua Eyes in Black. As for the lips I usually bring what I put on that night but sometimes I wanna be able to slap it on without having to pull out my compact so NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu is excellent for the job. If I prefer a lipstick I’ll go in with Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in Role play. They’re both good neutral shades that don’t need that much maintenance throughout the night. To smell appropriately on my outings I carry whatever mini sample I have, Diptyque Eau Duelle has been my scent of choice. Lastly Cotton buds are a perfect tool for smudging or cleaning up the pool of eyeliner that collects in your tear duct or outer water line. All I can tell you is you never know what can happen . . .

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