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My Top 10 Instagrammers

top10instagrammersI can literally scroll endlessly for hours on Instagram because I’m that obsessed with it! I’d have to say that it is my favorite social media tool (besides my blog). With that being said I do have a few stand out people I can name that I check everyday because their feeds are truly inspiring or just beautiful to me. This was so hard to narrow it down to 10 being that I follow over 700 people but these IG’ers are totally worth checking out . . .

1. @stephsterjovski Like her blog this Canadian beauty has the most cutest photos! I’m in love with Bandit, the cutest husky alive. Her taste is very similar to mine and her OOTD’s are stunning. She also has an online print shop here.

2. @alittlebitetc This girl has some serious makeup taste! Her skin care collection is to die for #iwouldtotallyraidyourmedicinecabinet ! I am always excited to see her next FOTD when scrolling through my feed.

3. @demselflavored She and I have the same exact taste when it comes to makeup items plus we’re both big Anna fans! She is such an enabler but its ok, it’s why I love her page so much!

4. @beautylookbook Ahhhh, I adore her impeccable taste for the finer things in life. I love all her Diptyque photos (she started my obssesion) and could never get enough of her work space.

5. @monsiieuralex I’ve never seen a man wear and apply make-up so well! He is so talented and just super handsome. I mean I understand why have any of you seen his mother (one hot mama)?! He’s a really nice person as well and I’m so glad to have found him, I wish him nothing but the best!

6. @misspoppydesign I did a post here on some beautiful prints she sent me but this is another account that I drool over every time I see it. I love her prints, stationary and photos!

7. @laurenconrad_com Who doesn’t love a bit of LC and her team?! I love her books and chic style. Her photos are always inspiring to me!

8. @jouercosmetics Jouer have to be one of my favorite brands of all time! Everything that I have tried I’ve loved and their makeup products are right up my alley! They do awesome giveaways on their feed and I love a good inspirational quote. #jouergirl

9. @fashionista804 Beauty Guru on YouTube but her fashion sense is crazy! Her style is boy meets girl but in the most classy way imaginable! The girl would look good in a rag, trust me.

10. @bubblymichelle Bubbly is the perfect word to describe Michelle, I can seriously stare at the girls selfies all freakin day! I cannot get over how gorgeous this girl is and she is such a sweetheart! She just started up her own blog and I’m so excited for her, show her some love!

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