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The Big Cut . . .





After 3 long years of growing my hair out I decided enough was enough and set up a hair appointment. I thought you wanted long hair? Yes people I still do but my hair just needed a pick me up! I probably didn’t have to go this short but I have so much black hair I though the best way to get it out would just be to cut it rather than bleach and lift. I had the hairdresser thin it a bit as well because my hair is super thick and I know I shouldn’t complain but I gets to be a bit much at times. I feel that now I have more time to play with it and curl it quickly before I go to work in the AM (busy bee). God knows I can’t be bothered with it at 6:30am so my routine was to just throw it up in a pony tail and run out the door. My hair care routine might switch up a bit and I will be investing in some styling products to keep up with it so stay tuned for that post! My hair feels so much lighter and healthy so I’m very pleased with the results. I had very short hair a few years ago so It doesn’t really feel too weird or hard to adjust, its only hair right? I don’t know if this happens to any of you but with my longer hair I was getting these killer headaches. I don’t know if it was the weight of my hair or the pony tail itself but I’d have to let my hair out for them to subside. Is there such a thing as having hair that’s too heavy? But either way it’s gone and I’m happy as can be! I think the only thing I’ll miss are my top knots but other than that I’m living life on the edge, change is good now what’s next for little ole me?

9 thoughts on “The Big Cut . . .

  1. So pretty, I know what you mean about having thick hair, mine is so difficult to handle I’ve actually just had 3-4 inches cut off myself 🙂

  2. That haircut looks lovely on you! 🙂 I’m debating to cut or not to cut my hair shoulder lenght too but I’m afraid I won’t like it… And never thought about that heavy hair and headaches relation but it makes sense. Sometimes if I have my hair up on a ponytail for a while my head starts hurting a bit and I have to put it down.


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