Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm



During the Winter time is when my hands are at their worst, they’re always dry and cracked (it’s so gross). I have hand cream in every corner of the house but what most people don’t know is the key to nice healthy nails isn’t a hand cream, it’s a cuticle cream/oil. If you keep the cuticles moisturized the more likely you are to have healthy nails. I’m a huge fan of balms and butters for the cuticle areas just because I feel they’re super hydrating and more effective than an oil. It’s almost like a lotion and a body butter, body butters are thicker in consistency and tend to have more moisturizing properties than a lotion. I came across this brand at Ulta and remember seeing the name in an Allure magazine. Some nail guru was talking about how this brand isn’t spoken of too much but they do have a lot of good products so of course I had to try something. I picked up this Intense Cuticle Repair Balm and after the first use I was hooked! It comes in this cute luxe glass pot which looks great out on a vanity or desk. The formula itself is very very thick so I only use it around the house or before bedtime and a tiny bit goes a long way. It contains honey, beeswax and a multivitamin complex to aid in the skin’s natural healing process. I put it on and my cuticles looked so healthy for the rest of the day I was amazed by the results! It was a bit pricey but it should last you a long time. Such a good investment and I think it’s a brand I will be trying a few more things from!


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