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My Top 5 Eyeshadows


EverydayeyeshadowsFrom L to R : M.A.C Pro Longwear Shadow in Uninterrupted, Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow Almond, Jouer Eyeshadow in Chocolat, M.A.C Patina, Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Pale Barley 

I am a total neutral junkie when it comes to eye shadows, I can never have too many taupes or mattes! They’re great for everyday or even on a night out. Again I don’t wear shadow on a daily basis but when I’m feeling a bit adventurous these are the ones I reach for the most and can’t be with out . . .

1. M.A.C Uninterrupted – This is my secret weapon for creating that “grunge” effect. I’ve spoken here about it and how I like to use this ochre shade to give me that punched in the eye messy look. The look really isn’t for everyone but it’s the type of eye look I prefer. This shade is completely matte and perfect for crease work.

2. Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow In Almond – This I will cherish forever, it was a gift from my wonderful stepsister (she knows me all too well)! This is my go to shade for everyday crease work. It’s a matte brown shade that isn’t too cool nor super warm it sits right in the middle. This is a very classic shade and I get a ton of use out of it.

3. Jouer Eye Shadow In Chocolat – Speak about Taupey goodness, this shade is stunning! I say it’s a mixture of the next two shadows I’m about to mention. It is a warm taupe with a sheen of gold running through it that can be worn everyday all over the lid.

4. M.A.C Patina – A very under rated shadow but a goodie nonetheless! It’s such a unique color that you’d probably initially pass because it looks like nothing in the pan. It’s a cool golden taupe shade that has purple undertones to it. Perfect everyday shade and I always recommend it for weddings.

5. Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow In Pale Barley – This shadow is the most loved out of the bunch! It’s another cool taupe with a gold sheen. Burberry shadows have to be my all time fav due to the texture and pigmentation, they’re  super creamy and long-lasting. You can do a sheer wash over the lid with this shade or really pack it on for a bolder eye. You must own this shade if you’re a taupe lover!

All in all I think these are awesome shades to add to your collection if you’re looking for key shadows. I reach for them all the time and I have deemed them post worthy, they have my stamp of approval!

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5 thoughts on “My Top 5 Eyeshadows

  1. I bought the Patina! Gorgeous shade! Can be worn alone… 🙂 I’m thinking of purchasing the jouer chocolat. I’d love the Burberry but I know how pricey it is… Jay thoughts on the naked 3? I’m thinking of buying that for Christmas… Thank

    • I passed on the Naked 3, I already own all the other ones plus the Naked basics and I haven’t used any of them up! I’m not a big fan of all the pinker shades too they don’t suit my skin tone. The Jouer Chocolat has quickly become a fav for me and grab it I know Jouer has been doing a 25% off!

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