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My Big Book Of Blogging


IMG_0150Bloggers around the world keep a “big book of blogging” where all the deets are. Mine happens to be one from Martha Stewart which my wonderful father got for me. I saw it on Anna’s Instagram feed and had to have it! I use Index tabs to separate my notes by months. Why keep a notebook you ask? Well one I like to be organized, two I occasionally like to reference back to certain posts and three how else would I remember everything? I’ll give you the 411 on how I like to organize my book and how it works for me . . .

  • When I start a new month I’ll use the left side of the book for three categories (in the picture above) which are my favorites for that month, wish-items and post ideas. I like to keep it all in one place just so I know where to go back to for future posts.
  • On the right side of the book I’ll write out my blog schedule for that month and separate it into weeks starting with Sunday. This will be my written archive of all the posts for that month.  The schedule changes sometimes depending on what photos I have edited and ready for that day.
  • For each post I’ll write notes, thoughts, ideas on the following pages until we reach a new month.
  • Writing everything down gives me a sense of structure and stability to my posts plus my mind is always running so jotting things down really helps.

 My book isn’t really as fancy as I like to think it is but it’s a must for any blogger. Think of it like this, a teacher needs a grade book or Doc McStuffins needs her big book of boo boo’s. It comes with the territory.

12 thoughts on “My Big Book Of Blogging

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  2. sorry if this is a duplicate comment, the first one didn’t go through for some reason! Anyway, thanks for reminding me to grab this notebook – i love the color. I’d love to see more pages haha. i use a pink moleskine and the app teuxdeux to plan out posts.

  3. I never knew bloggers used this tool, but I have found for my own blog that I need to be more organized and help tracking ideas. This is a great tip I will implement. Thanks for the tip

  4. id love to keep one like that but i dont like my own handwriting haha so i keep track of my posts on excel! a bit geeky but i find it super easy if i want to check if ive mentioned a product before 🙂

  5. I just saw this journal at staples yesterday and thought to myself what a nice journal if i had a purpose for it I would have totally bought it without a second thought! Glad you are able to use yours and for a good cause 🙂

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