10 Signs You’re A Beauty Addict


You say obsession, I say your damn right it is! Here are some of the symptoms you might experience when suffering from BA (beauty addiction). . .

  • You’ll buy Diptyque candles just to use them as brush holders once they’re done.
  • If you own some form of acrylic makeup storage, preferably Muji or check the site daily to see if its back in stock. Those suckers sell out quick!
  • When you try to justify having the same 5 shades of coral because they’re all different in some way, then you get into finishes and people look at you like you’re mad.
  • When you mark your calendar or set the alarm on your phone for release dates.
  • When you sit down to have breakfast with a side of Bloglovin every morning.
  • You’ll have a set day (mine happens to be Sunday) to clean all of your makeup while your laundry basket is overflowing.
  • When you start doodling ideas for your own makeup line.
  • When you’re able to name makeup shades just by looking at them. I can spot Ruby Woo a mile away.
  • You’ll have a stash of backups hidden away as if the world was ending.
  • You let out what is called the “squeal” when a delivery man is in sight.

Unfortunately there isn’t a cure for BA but can be manageable and something you could live with everyday. I’m not complaining, it could be a lot worse . . .

10 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re A Beauty Addict

  1. Totally agree with you!!!I hope you received the sephora email about the $20 off. 🙂 I wish the hourglass ambient palette is still available… Please… Any recommendation for me? Foundation oil free that’s sheer and will not cake and concealer for blemishes I don’t have much redness just blemishes from the breakout I had because of thanksgiving? A low maintainance foundation. I wish sephora will carry the naked 3. Is the MJ Lolita pallet advisable
    If I have the UD naked 1. Sorry if I’m asking so much! Thank you! Happy holiday!

    • I just received the email today! Try the Guerlain Pressed meteorites powder or the Chanel loose powder both a bit pricey but so worth the investment! I love the Nars Radiant Creamy concealer for blemishes and I use It everyday!!! I wasn’t to impressed by the MJ palette so I passed stick with your naked 1 palette ! And you never ask too much I love being able to help !!! Happy holidays to you dear!

  2. Hi! Just discovered your blog through Instagram and I’m completely in love with it! You’re pictures look beautiful and I really like reading your blogposts 🙂 It’s great to find new blogs I like!
    And I think I might be starting to feel a pretty good amount of the BA symptoms , but I don’t mind, I’m happy this way 🙂


  3. i can’t handle when i know what shades of eyeshadow my coworkers are wearing lol. one time i tried to replicate a coworker’s eyeshadow and guessed correctly – even the specific shades of shadow from naked 2 lol. I promise i am not creepy at all lolol

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