Tips On Creating Motivational Spaces




IMG_3527I can’t stress how important my work space is for me! It changes often depending the season or simply my mood. Working environments are important and I feel they’re a big part of your work. If you work in messy surroundings you might get overwhelmed and could rush to get everything done while sacrificing the content of your work. I’m not saying you must buy a desk and all these fancy things in order to work but I do find that when I surround myself with things I like I work better. Even if you’re at your kitchen or coffee table you can bring some goodies to keep yourself motivated to work.

Above I’ve surrounded myself by candles, books and fresh flowers. To the right of the desk I’m currently burning Diptyque’s Amber and Figuier. My only black friday purchase was Alexa Chung’s IT book which is my current read. I find that stacking books and layering them with candles is just nice to glance over at from time to time. I keep my little apothecary match jar on the desk as well! My iPad mini is always nearby, I like to edit my photos with it and watch my YouTube videos while I work. Now I jazzed up my cork board with a cream-colored ribbon which was very easy to do. I didn’t want the ribbon perfectly spaced apart so I kind of winged it and hoped for the best. All I did was tape the corners of the ribbon down. I think it came out perfect and I just keep pretty stationary on it. I found these cute wooden push pins in the dollar section at Target and threw them into an empty Diptyque jar.

Now to the left side of the desk I have this gorgeous tray from Target with some essentials on it. I love fresh flowers! They’re inexpensive and the smell just makes me happy. I keep my big book of blogging nearby (can you tell I watch too many episodes of DocMcStuffins?). As for beauty products I’ll lay them in here if I’m reviewing certain items but I do keep a few permanent bits on my desk. I always have hand creme around for my dry paws, at the moment I have Caudalie’s Hand and Nail cream. I always keep lip balm and for that I use the Dior Creme de Rose. I keep my Caudalie Beauty Elixir for a mid typing spritz to make me feel that much more relaxed. No desk would be complete without pens to jot down even more ideas.

Surround yourself with items that remind you that what you’re doing matters to you. I love blogging but sometimes I need a little pick me up to help me get through a post or rut. So remember here are a few key items to help you out if your space is lacking a little motivation . . .

  • Candles
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Books
  • Stationary
  • Inspiration Cork Board
  • Perfume
  • Hand and Nail Care
  • Your most coveted beauty items

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