Entry #9: DIY Christmas Photos At Home





Who says you need to run out to Penny’s or Sears for professional X-mas cards?! This year I said to myself I have a camera, lights all I needs are props! I spent about $80 last year on photos with Santa for my bugs and only had one pose each. I was determined to do something fun and creative with them this year which worked out pretty well. I went on Pinterest to look for different poses and scenes we can shoot, of course I had to choose multiple. I did 4 different shoots with them and trying to get them both to focus was a challenge but in the end the results were worth the pain.

First Shoot (Story Time) – We did this one on my bed with crisp white sheets to give me a bit more light in the picture. I also wanted their matching PJ’s to stick out and be the main prop. I don’t have a head-board so I had to grab my couch cushions and tuck them behind the head of the bed, improvising is in my blood you’ll learn that as the years pass. I purchased these huge Christmas ornaments along with colorful lights to make it a bit more festive. I tried to keep them as still as I could so that the ornaments wouldn’t roll around and they wouldn’t wrinkle the sheets I just ironed. We did the whole reading session then I told them to make silly faces and they went to town.

Second Shoot (Time out) – I used wrapping paper as the back drop and kept them in their PJ’s, I even painted Jelly’s nails with Chanel’s Malice for fun. I wrapped them up back to back with the lights and put tape on their mouths that said Merry Christmas. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it was hilarious. I had to work super fast because after a while my kids were like “Mom these lights are hot!”. I put a Santa hat on Leeandro and Jelly sported a Santa headband both courtesy of Dollar Tree. I told them to make angry, scared, and sad faces. I love that my son genuinely looks worried in the picture, I’m a proud mama!

Third Shoot (Photo Booth Challenge) – The only reason I’m saying it’s a challenge is I couldn’t get them to stop whacking each other with the props. Jelly kept flapping hers back and forth saying it was her wand while Leeandro kept touching his. This was the hardest shoot but I was able to get a good clean shot! I purchase a yard of black fabric and draped it over a clothing rack to use it as a back drop. The props were purchased at my local crafts store for $3. I dressed them in what is going to be their Christmas Eve outfits for our annual dinner party.

Fourth Shoot (Christmas is coming) – I opted for the outdoors just for a change of scenery. I found the perfect tree behind my back yard that had these gorgeous yellow leaves. I put on their dressy coats for this shoot which ironically matched as well! I instructed them to toss leaves and tell each other secrets. My favorite shot is from this session which I didn’t include on the card but it’s the picture in the middle of the collage I created (above).

I played around with filters, lighting and effects just using the apps on my phone. I then downloaded the Walgreens app, picked out a card, added the photos and placed the order straight from my phone! They were ready within the hour and I only paid $12 for a set of 20 cards. I spent less than $50 dollars on everything and have so much to show for it! I even purchased a wax sealer  for the envelopes which I think added a personal touch! You don’t need a fancy camera or studio lights like I used, I just happened to have them because it’s what I use for blogging, you can use your phones and imagination to capture wonderful memories that you’ll have forever!

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