Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #34


The Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine : filling my Jouer leopard clutch with “girls night” essentials / November favs is live / awesome ideas to take over the blogging world (mwah haha in my Pinky&Brain voice) / a sneak peek at my desk set up and a little DIY / grunge selfie / my only black friday purchase, Alexa Chung IT / Sephora do stocking stuffers like no other / Maybelline’s hybrid balm gloss in action

Product of the week : Anastasia Clear Brow Gel – I typically don’t reach for brow gel but I mean come on have you seen my caterpillars? For some reason they were untamable this week so I slapped some of this on and it now has become a part of my everyday routine. The trick is to get the excess off the wand and apply light strokes, if you’re too heavy-handed with this your brows will be flakey! It would look like you put hair gel in your brows, that’s how heavy-duty it is!

Must read blog post : Ok you all must know that I’m going through a Diptyque crisis, Joyce knows! Adding to my obsession The Beauty Look Book did a comparison post on all the candle sizes, the breakdown per oz and price, she’s just brilliant and I might do something very similar once I get all my candles in. Oh and I can smell a Diptyque haul coming soon!

Must watch video : Miss Shamless Cry Baby! Well we can be cry babies together because that video was the truth! Just watch it! Love ya Maya!

Adding to the wish-list : Just when I thought the Sephora craze was over they reel my ass back in with the $20 gift card! Nars Cruella will be mine along with a polish or two . . .

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