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My Everyday Lipsticks


IMG_3410From Left to Right – M.A.C Freckletone, M.A.C Jubilee, M.A.C Hug Me, YSL Voluptè Sheer Candy in 9, M.A.C Bare Again, Nars Barbarella 

My acrylic obsession continues, I found this little contraption at my local Marshalls for $6 to house my everyday lipsticks and a bit more. The lipsticks I have are all great for everyday wear no matter what season it is. I grab these all the time just to add a bit more color to my lips if I’m not sure what to wear. I don’t really need a mirror to apply these and they’re all moisturizing so I don’t need to apply lip balm over top. They don’t really look like much in the bullet but I find that they just enhance my natural lip color and look good with any makeup look!

1. M.A.C Freckletone – This is a very under rated color and at one point it was my favorite lipstick of all time. It’s a peachy flesh nude that looks really nice on deeper skin tones. This is probably my 3rd tube and I’ll continue to purchase it once it’s all gone. It’s a lustre finish so it isn’t super pigmented and opaque but still adds color to the lips.

2. M.A.C Jubilee – This has to be my favorite out of the bunch! It’s a perfect my lips but better shade. It has enough pink to it and looks best when it begins to set. Jubilee is a very neutral browny pink and is a lustre finish.

3. M.A.C Hug Me – I like to call this the sister to Jubilee. Hug Me has the same properties as Jubilee but it’s just a tad darker.

4. YSL Voluptè Sheer Candy in 9 – This is the perfect baby doll pink and smells divine! The packaging is adorable and very chic which makes this the ultimate luxurious lip balm.

5. M.A.C Bare Again – Another one similar to Hug me and Jubilee (do you see the pattern here?). This shade has a more of a red undertone to it but still a neutral browny pink shade that packs a bunch of moisture!

6. Nars Barbarella – A lovely sheer peachy coral that blends perfectly with my natural lip color. I instantly feel tanned when I wear this shade especially when paired with a similar blush color.

I love this little acrylic container and I feel that I don’t have an overwhelming amount of lipstick to choose from everyday because it only has six slots. I’m always adding to my lipstick collection so I’d like to know what are some of your favorite everyday shades?


4 thoughts on “My Everyday Lipsticks

  1. Hi ! You’ve got pretty colors here.
    on my everyday looks, i’m using the Rouge Coco in color 40 “Charme” by Chanel, it’s a bit expense lipstick but such a nice color, and it makes my lips so soft ! I truly recommended it, you won’t be disappointed 😉


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