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Top 10 Beauty & Fashion Blogs


As a fellow beauty blogger myself it is only fair I share the wealth right? I check Bloglovin everyday as if it were my morning paper along with some sort of sweet treat. Beauty blogging is such a big part of my life and the fact that there are so many people who share the same passion with me is just great. I read a forum not to long ago and people were chatting about how beauty blogs are too boring and extensive to read! Well for those who feel that way, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to write up a post. To be organized and have a set schedule isn’t easy, Not to mention your personality has to shine through that screen. You start building relationships with viewers and they look forward to your content. So whether you support the blogging community or not pick up a dictionary and learn how to spell before you type mean things! These top 10 aren’t necessarily for everyone but they’re the ones I check everyday and any other social media account they might have. That doesn’t classify as cyber stalking, does it?

1. Vivianna Does Makeup – If anyone knows me they know that she is my favorite everything of all time. I wish I had her skin, nails and hair (ok maybe that is a bit creepy) because the girl is drop dead gorgeous! She’s all I want in a blogger friend but it’s too bad we live in different countries, or maybe not because she’d think I’m crazy. I just love her laid back effortless chic style and her blogging skills are like no other. I watch her YouTube videos every Sunday faithfully and even have mini marathons.This girl just knows her stuff and funny enough reminds me of myself when it comes to our taste in things. Ahh I digress you get the point, I bloody love her!

2. Essie Button – This girl is such a trip and I love her witty ways. She’s a very spontaneous girl and you never know whats going to come out of her mouth next! I enjoy that she’s blunt and cuts straight to the point. My main man “Reggie” is the newest addition to her family and he’s got to be to coolest pimp daddy greyhound I know. I really enjoy her vlog channel and definitely recommend watching them. As for the blog itself, her content is fresh, clean and 100% real talk.

3. Gh0stpartiesKate and her gorgeous platinum lilac hair makes my day! We’ve actually connected and I featured a post on her magazine website called Nouvelle Daily! She’s a total babe and her photography is so inspiring. I love the filters she uses for her pictures on both her sites. She also gives you an insight on beauty blogging and how the whole industry could affect you personally, she’s very inspirational to me.

4. Stephanie Sterjovski – No one can be more of a girly girl than Stephanie! She’s gorgeous and her pictures are full of all things sparkly. Her outfits are the best not to mention her “Charmings” posts *drools. I can’t get enough of her pictures that feature her prints and some confetti on the side. I wish I had an office like hers!

5. The Beauty Look Book – If I ever want to see something high-end and want the god honest truth about a product, this is where I look. Her pictures are bright and love that she does comparison swatches within her posts. This is such a great blog and I’ve spent hours just looking through all the posts!

6. Styled Notes – This is a newer blog and a sister site to The Beauty Look Book. She decided to make more of a lifestyle blog and keep it separate from her beauty blog. I get a lot of inspiration by seeing other workspaces and how they go about blogging. Plus I’m so jelly of all her Diptyque candles!

7. I Covet Thee – Oh the beautiful Alix! She is another one with great lighting and wonderful content on her blog. The theme to the blog itself is really cute and girly. I trust that what she says is exactly how it is when it comes to testing out products. I’ve watched and followed her since the beginning and she deserves it! Hard work pays off!

8. Jessica Beautician – There is something about her voice that I find to be extremely soothing when she talks about a product. I came across her channel on YouTube and saw that she had a blog, flawless! I love me a clean crisp blog. Her content is wonderful and her taste in makeup is very similar to mine. She’s a very pretty girl and I’m so glad to have found her!

9. Beauty Mouth – The infamous Caroline Hirons, skin care guru. If you need any advice on anything skin care this lady is the go to expert. She’s pretty funny with her 3 “f” rule and she just states facts that I’ve really never though of. Genius!

10. She Wears Fashion – This girl has got style and I her outfits are super edgy. From her gorgeous skin to her long locks, I love everything about this blog! She has a ton of photos from every angle you can think of which makes it great when looking at her OOTD’s.

I of course have an endless limit to following beauty blogs, I have a page here with some other ones I check on the daily!

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Beauty & Fashion Blogs

  1. Aww, this is such a great post – truly inspiring. I just opened my blog and hope to find a loyal readership someday. I agree it’s really hard coming up with original content, but somehow, this post renewed my confidence. Thanks again, this post made my day 🙂

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