The Review

Diptyque Baies

IMG_3276Some people indulge with milk chocolate but my guilty pleasure is the nearest Diptyque Boutique. Baies (berries) happens to be one of their best sellers and is in the “Fruity” family. This is definitely not your average candle you can get at a chain store, it’s also not the cheapest habit to support. Diptyque  is a luxury brand that is the ultimate self indulging experience. This is the first candle I’ve ever tried and will keep repurchasing. Baies is a mix of roses and blackcurrent leaves. The candles come in two different sizes, mini (above) and standard. What’s is nice is that after your candle is done burning which mine took almost a year to burn out, you can clean out the jar and use it for storage. What you do is pop it in the freezer for a few hours then with a table knife split the left over wax, fill it up with hot water, scrub it clean with soap and you’re left with a nice clean jar.

IMG_3282 2

You can use it to store make-up brushes.

IMG_3289Or even use it as a cotton bud holder.


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