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Making The Most of Your Lashes . . .



False lashes are one of the coolest accessories a girl can have but lets face it, how practical are they for everyday use? Some of you might have time to glue those suckers on everyday but me being a mother of two, aint happening! So I just make the most of what I have and use a few tricks to make my lashes look their best!

1. 101 On Eyelash Curling – I’m gonna hit a few pet peeves really quick, people clean all the damn build-up on the curlers! I hate watching tutorials when its time for lashes because I get distracted by the gunk on them. If they’re dirty they can ruin your eyeshadow look and you also risk pulling your lashes off if they get stuck on all the grime. Second, if you are going to curl them please take your time. I see some people curl for like 2 seconds, apply mascara and then the lashes droop down. I mean if that is the look you like then by all means go ahead but if you really get in there and hold it, you’d be surprised how much it can change your eye look. What I do is clamp as close to the base of the lashes as I can then ill start to pump the curler and work my way up to the end of the lashes so that I get that nice crescent shape. Some people just hold it and you end up getting that obvious harsh straight pin lash look which is no bueno! The only thing I can compare it to is when you straighten your hair with a flat-iron. You must keep the movement fluid because if not you’ll get creases in your hair, does that make any sense?

2. Maintaining Your Curl All Day – Waterproof mascaras will be your best friend when it comes to this tip. They’re a bit** to remove sometimes but to me well worth going through. WP formulas tend to be a lot lighter in consistency which won’t weigh down the lashes. My favorite for everyday is the Maybelline Full & Soft which is great for volume and separation. When I want to add a bit of length I reach for L’oreal Telescopic Shocking Extensions.

3. Thicker Lashes – Grab a matte black eyeshadow with an angled brush and dab the eyeshadow as close to lash line as possible. This will cover all the gaps between the lashes that show flesh and gives the illusion of a thicker lash line. You can also do this to the lower lash line. Next you want to take a black eye liner along the upper water line ( a technique referred to as “tight lining”) so that no flesh is seen.

4. Applying Mascara – You always want to wipe all the excess mascara off the wand with a tissue. You really don’t need all that mascara on the wand and it just creates clumpy lashes. I usually take all the excess off, then start from the base of the lashes and lightly wiggle up to the tips. Invest in a lash comb and brush out any clumps.

5. Longer Lashes – Fiber mascaras can help achieve length or even layering different ones too! It’s all really trial and error but I love drugstore mascaras. If you want to make them appear longer, wear a shimmering beige eyeshadow all over the lid then a nice coat of black mascara. The shimmer from the shadow creates a nice reflection behind the lashes therefore making them stick out. I like Rimmel’s ScandalEyes pencil in Bulletproof Beige, M.A.C All That Glitters, and M.A.C Era.

Even if I don’t have time for all this I’ll still curl my lashes which really opens up the eyes! An eyelash curler is one of my deserted items of choice along with some SPF . . .

6 thoughts on “Making The Most of Your Lashes . . .

  1. Great post. I wonder if you might do a post on the best way of curling lashes in the future? My lashes and overall eyemakeup looks worse after curling my lashes.. they’re naturally quite curly so I did wonder if that was why, but it’s more likely that I’m just doing a bad job! xx

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