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My Smokey Eye Kit . . .


IMG_2991M.A.C Paint Pots Left to Right : Groundwork, Quite Natural, Artifact 

IMG_2992M.A.C Quad from top to bottom : Romp, Espresso, Mulch, Twinks

M.A.C Pro Longwear in Uninterrupted 

M.A.C Single Shadow in Sable 

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in Midnight Brown 

IMG_2993M.A.C Eye Pencil and Kohl : Teddy, Raven 


My version of smokey eyes might not be everyone’s cup of tea. I like what people may call  the “black-eye effect”, you know the 3rd or 4th day after you’ve been punched in the face? It’s a very grunge Olsen Twin look which I find to be extremely sexy! To achieve this look you need colors that are rusty or ochre toned. So I’ve rustled through my eye collection and these are my must haves . . .

1. M.A.C PP in Groundwork, Quite Natural and Artifact – I love to use these as bases depending on what type of eye look I’m going for. My smokey eye is usually one of two looks, a very brown ochre eye or a warm rusty purple eye. These are perfect to prep the eyes and great for layering. My most used is Quite Natural.

2. M.A.C Shadows in Romp, Espresso, Mulch, Twinks and Sable – Romp is this rusty burnt golden shade which is great as a lid color. Espresso is a matte brown which I occasionally use for crease work or the lash lines. Mulch is a golden brown and is another good shade for the crease or outer V. Twinks is a very red-y rust color with purple undertones, this is awesome all over the lid. I like to layer Twinks over Artifact PP for an easy smokey eye. Sable (which is my most loved out of the bunch) is the one color wonder! I literally add this to the entire eye and just smoke it out, it is a golden purply shade with just enough warmth to it.

3. M.A.C Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted – This is my secret weapon! I love  this matte mustard ochre shadow for crease work. I also use this to smoke the bottom lash line and I like to bring it really low to give that tired eye effect, yea I know it sounds crazy but like I said the look isn’t for everyone! I take this shade all around the eye, yup even towards the inner tear duck area where the bridge of the nose starts. Watch Sam from Pixiwoo use it in this tutorial and you’ll see what I mean.

4. Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in No21 Midnight Brown – This is another one shadow wonder that you can use all over the eye and head straight out the door. It looks so boring in the pan but once applied it changes to golden brown with berry undertones. Very easy peasy. Side note Burberry have the best shadow formulation I’ve ever tried, creamy, pigmented and perfect to blend.

5. M.A.C Liners in Teddy and Raven – Most people reach for a black liner when it comes to the term smoke. Not all eye looks have to have black, I love using Teddy on the waterline to make my brown eyes pop. Teddy is a bronze golden liner that looks great with a simple or smokey look. Raven on the other hand is a blackened purple with golden shimmer in it. This reflects light into the eye and makes them appear lighter. I swear to this because every time I wear Raven without fail someone asks me if I’m wearing contacts!

As for brushes I use my M.A.C 239, 217, and 224 which I’ve reviewed here. Remember the messier the better! Curl those lashes and add a sh*t load of mascara.  What can I say I like looking like a vampire every now and again . . .

4 thoughts on “My Smokey Eye Kit . . .

  1. I love your MAC Quad, gotta make one too! I love your take on the smokey eye. I get a bit scared of using all black because I can’t work the goth look. Your grunge version though, I like!

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