My Current Fitness Routine


I’ve been working out for about 5-6weeks now and honestly I’ve never felt better in my entire life about my health, appearance, and confidence. I wasn’t happy with how sluggish I was feeling nor how out of shape I was. I’ve changed my diet and cut out almost all the junk because I do have a treat every now and again, I wont lie! My appetite has increased since working out and I’ve gained a total of 5lbs but all muscle which is what I want. I know its weird to say I want to gain weight rather than loose it but truth is my goal weight is around 125lbs and right now I weigh 114lbs. I feel much healthier and definitely a lot more energized since I started working out!

For Breakfast I try to eat at least some toast but I mainly reach for some fruit. I’m not a big breakfast person but it is the most important meal so I don’t skip it. Since I am trying to gain some weight I need to consume 2,130 calories a day but I have to make sure I’m doing it in a healthy way. I’m a huge soda addict  and limited myself to a tiny can maybe 1-2 times a week. I’ll then have a protein shake which doesn’t taste too good but I still manage to get it down. I have a big lunch and dinner usually add some greens in the mix. If I’m craving in between for a snack I’ll have some more fruit or some almonds. I’m currently doing the 30 day squat challenge for legs but I also do lunges, toe raises and other leg work in my routine. I usually do 3 sets and 15-20 reps depending on how my legs are feeling that day. I do abs everyday until I can no longer feel them lol. I’ll do biceps and shoulders together then back and triceps another day. I’ll rest one day during the week from my upper body and just stick to lower body work. I don’t really have a set schedule yet because I’m still building up my strength and I just do what I can on any given day. I do jog a mile everyday for cardio and recently purchased a jump rope to add to my routine.

My body has changed tremendously since working out. I will keep pushing because I want to be fit and live a better lifestyle. I look at before & after pictures and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. So here’s to a new beginning and body!

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