The Review

Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo in No4



Hourglass released six different nude lip pencils to suit all skin types. These come in the super sleek Hourglass signature packaging feeling very luxurious when in hand. The lid snaps on super tight which makes it very travel friendly. The tip is tapered and it’s one of those screw up pencils. I chose the shade nude 4 which is a pinky peach nude. When I first applied this onto my lips it felt a bit dry so I added a gloss over top and it felt just fine. The next time I was determined to make it work on its own so I put on some lip balm first then the lipstick over top. It definitely felt much better and didn’t look as dry as the first time. I patted it into my lips to ensure longevity and worked like a charm. The shade is perfect for everyday or a night out, it’s not that pasty nude that makes you look dead! It has a funny waxy smell to it but it’s very faint and I would call this a semi-matte finish lipstick. This is a very opaque formula so I advise to build it up lightly to your preference. These can last between 2-3 hours before you start to see some fade and I honestly quite like that look of faded lipstick. This is the second lip product I’ve tried from Hourglass and had to find my own little trick to make them comfortable  to wear but in my opinion totally worth it! I love this lip stylo and recommend giving it a try!

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