Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #24

IMG_7191The Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine : layered necklace ensemble / simple FOTD / selfie before taking the plunge and going ombre (baby-steps) / Target and Sephora bits / livin in muscle tanks and T-shirt bras / eyeshadow on a stick, ill take two please! / my M.A.C starter eye kit for beginners

Product of the week : I was suffering from a couple of breakouts for some reason and I whipped out my Clarasonic Mia, I have no idea why I ever put it down.Pure laziness perhaps! My skin is super smooth and breakout free now. My makeup has laid much better on my skin too. I use the deep pore cleansing brush head and little secret I must share, I ran out of my cleanser and have just been using Dove soap on my face! It’s freaking amazing and costs nothing compared to cleansers that I’ve purchased in the past.

Must read blog post : I’ve been all over NYWF and came across a post on Lauren Conrads Blog on nails trends and lets just say Tibi & JINsoons nail art was the winner for me! I must recreate this look sometime in the near future.

Must watch video : I have been fixated on Anna, Lily, and Patricia’s trip to NYC with Birchbox. So jelly but lets give Anna a round of applause on her vlog of the whole trip, I absolutely loved it! I was hooked on Lily’s 3 day series as well, lucky gals!

Adding to the wish-list : After watching the vlogs I too want a leather cap! I found the perfect one and it’s already in my basket waiting to be purchased!

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