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So tattoos are a really big part of my life and some people can’t quite grasp as to why I would want to mark up my body. Well it’s my journey, my life and my story to tell. I’ve enjoyed art since I can remember, I’ve also been drawing since I was a little girl. Tattoos to me are a form of expression that I carry with me at all times and they genuinely make me happy every time I look at them. I currently have six and it’s just a start, I’m not saying I will cover my body up but I’m certain I’ll get a few more in the future. I have tattoos that represent my children, sister and the rest are for myself.

This time I went in and got “you are my sunshine, my only sunshine” on the side of my ribs. Surprisingly the experience was pleasant because I’ve heard that its one of the most sensitive areas and painful too! Any who I sang this song as a girl to a stuffed animal I owned because I’m an Army brat and we moved a lot. I would cry because I had to meet new friends all the time and never stayed in one place. Then as a mother and having to grow up so quickly I found myself in a very dark place. I met someone who I will always hold dear to my heart and that person became my sunshine. Then it was my children’s first song and recently when my little girl sang this to me I was in tears because it was the best thing I have ever heard come out of her mouth. It’s also  why I called my blog lipstick with some sunshine too, blogging is something that keeps me motivated and having all of your support truly means the world to me!

So a little personal but I hate it when tattoos are associated with filth and trash because it isn’t appealing to the eye. People are so quick to judge others because they have tattoos on their body, like I said we all have a story to tell . . .

3 thoughts on “New Ink . . .

  1. Aww Tammie this actually thought tears to my eyes! I’m the same way border line obsessed with ink and like you said everyone has a story and/or just a preference! I love your ink!(:

  2. My mother sang that song to me also, I sing it to my daughter, and now my daughter sings it with me.

    Beautiful inspiration for ink 🙂

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