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Current Hair Care Routine



I was recently in a hair rut and almost decided to chop it all off again but thank god I came to my senses and didn’t! I would say my hair is medium length and it hasn’t been for several years now, 6 to be exact. I use to get bored with it and cut it all the time or change my hair color too. I’ve recently decided to stop dying my hair and just let it do its thang. I would dye it jet black and absolutely love it but I can’t say the same for my pillow cases! So I’m letting it grow out and no hair dye is what I’m sticking to for now and hopefully I can commit.

As for my hair routine I pretty much just wash it, let it air dry and occasionally hit it with the flat-iron. Since my hair is a lot longer now I can use a curling iron and it gets easier every single time! I don’t really use much styling products because I have it up half of the time in a top knot (my signature hair style). So these products are currently in use to keep my locks fresh and healthy . . .

  1. Bumble & Bumble Sunday Shampoo – Aside from my regular shampoo (which I won’t mention, currently testing out) I use this clarifying shampoo to get all the build-up out of my hair. I use this about twice a month because this will leave your hair feeling like straight up hay but once you condition it your hair is left squeaky clean!
  2. Redken All Soft Heavy Cream – My hair type is thick with a combination of being coarse and dry. I will try anything that says it’s hydrating and this my friends does exactly what it says. I love this hair mask/deep-conditioner and use it as needed. It helps with frizz and extreme dryness.
  3. Moroccan Oil Treatment – This is my all time favorite hair oil and worth the $40 price tag, I’ve even turned my mom on to it and she hasn’t looked back! It smells amazing and it hydrates while giving shine back to the hair. They do a light formula as well for people with thinner fine hair so that it doesn’t weigh it down because the regular formula is a bit heavy.
  4. Redken Extreme Anti Snap Leave-in Conditioner (or con-dish-washin-er as my daughter likes to call it) – This product works miracles on split ends. I’ve been using it for about 6-7 months and I’ve noticed a major difference on the ends of my hair. It smells of strawberries and has kept split ends at bay! My hair feels a lot stronger and resilient to breakage. It’s also contains heat protecting properties as well.
  5. Tangle Teezer – This is the only thing I use this to brush my hair aside from a comb to part it. It’s like a magic detangler without all the pain. Where was this when I was 10 yrs old? It would have saved me a couple of brush smacks to the head!
  6. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – This is my oomph in a bottle! I’ve done a review here on this bad boy and yes $20 for this tiny bottle is well worth the investment! I have my eye on a few more bits from Oribe so I might be adding some new products to the rotation (stay tuned).

Like I said I don’t fuss with my hair all too much but I recently went to the salon and the stylist said my hair was in such good condition it looked fake (not sure what she meant but I like it)! So I think I’m going to invest in my mannequin like hair and pick up some new goodies. I’m currently looking for a good hairspray that won’t leave my hair crunchy and maybe a light mouse, any suggestions?

5 thoughts on “Current Hair Care Routine

  1. I used Revlon Professional styling products for years, as I studied hair color, and they’re amazing! Their products have fixation levels so you choose how strong or soft you want your product to be, even if it’s a spray or a mousse. One of my favorite is the Scrunch curl enhancer from the Curly Hair Days line 🙂

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