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Real Techniques brushes were created by a fellow YouTuber named Samantha Chapman from the channel “Pixiwoo“. If you don’t know who she is she and her sister share the channel and re-create celebrity makeup looks plus much more. I’ve watched Sam and Nic for ages and when I found out Sam was creating her own brush line I was super excited to try them out. They’re based out of the UK but the brushes are available in several different countries and are very inexpensive. I have to say that I’ve tried several brands and nothing compares to this brush line. They’re synthetic and have colored handles to separate categories. I have multiples of these brushes because of how impressed I am with them. They don’t have many eye brushes per say and I wasn’t too impressed with them but for face brushes the range has loads of good ones. On the back of the handle is a description as for what the intended use of the brush is but I use all of them for different things. Here are a few of my must haves . . .

  1. Expert Face Brush – This brush is sold individually and I own three of them! It buffs foundation on like a dream and I also use it for cream contour.
  2. Multi-task Brush – Sold in a set its perfect for powder blush and setting powder.
  3. Deluxe Crease & Domed Shadow Brush – These come in separate sets and  were created for eyeshadow but I only use them for concealer. They buff concealer like no other!
  4. Stippling Brush – This brush is sold individually and is a duo-fiber brush. I use this to stipple cream blush on to my cheeks then I gently buff it in.  I’ll also use this with tinted moisturizers to maximize coverage, I feel that it works it into the skin much better than a densely packed brush.
  5. Buffing Brush – This brush is sold in a set and works great for cream and thicker consistency foundations. The set is worth it solely for this brush!

These brushes have become a must have for me and have replaced a lot of my other expensive brushes. All I can say is I’ll never look back, they’re good value for money and work brilliantly! You can find them at Ulta and even use their $3.50 off coupon they always offer to save even more money. They also look adorable on your make-up vanity with all the pretty fun colors on those handles!

4 thoughts on “Real Techniques

  1. Thank you!!!! I was surprise to see the picture you posted in Instagram I was like really! Wow! 🙂 that was fast! Lol I will order it online. Very helpful and budget friendly.

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