Things I’m Currently Loving #2

I like to do these every now and again just to share non-beauty favorites in a fun snazzy way! I choose five items that I’ve been in love with and do a quick post . . .


I love the whole leather and cotton combo! I have way too many shirts with leather detailing or sleeves. I find them mainly on Zara and spotted a few at Forever 21 that will be coming home with me ASAP! I even use my leather packaged Givenchy lipsticks when I wear one of these tops. I think is ties the whole look together (leather lipstick + leather detailed tee= edgy beauty blogger).


I was once a fellow arm candy stacker but nowadays I opt for the bare look. I haven’t been wearing earrings and the only accessories I use are my MK watch, statement necklace, some dainty rings and the items you see above! I love this simple yet modern silver cuff bracelet and it goes perfectly with my silver ear cuff. I found this bracelet at Forever 21 and I’m sure I’ll get a ton of use out of it!


Zara has been killing me with the sales as of late! I found these cute cropped boyfriend jeans and snatched them up immediately. I am saving them for my sisters graduation next week and will be doing a OOTD post so stay tuned for tips on styling them, pumps and blazer included!


My fragrance of choice atm is Chance Eau Tendre from Chanel. It’s the perfect scent for the transition between summer and fall!

I’m a big olive/pickle fan and try me I’ve heard it all like ewww or yuck, but I freakin love em! I’ve been munchin on these Archer Farms Salt & Vinegar chips as a snack. I do advise they’re super bitter but worth the stinky breath!

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