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Marc Jacobs Beauty, A First Look . . .




Marc Jacobs Beauty has finally hit the shelves! I went to my local Sephora to check out the range and it did not disappoint, super sleek packaging and an array of colors. I wasn’t able to swatch many things being that it was crowded and a true blogger can’t work under those circumstances! I was a bit overwhelmed but I wasn’t leaving without something and this blush really caught my attention. I own nothing like it nor have seen anything of its kind and in hand it went. I picked up the blush shade Outspoken which is a pretty lilac pink. It comes in a buttoned pouch with an angled travel brush which I must admit is pretty soft! This shade kind of reminds me of M.A.C Well Dressed blush but less pink. This looks a bit scary in the pan I know but I swatched it and immediately felt that I could wear this everyday with a natural cool pink lip. All the other shades were very pretty but I was feeling a bit adventurous as I do every now and again. A future trip is on the schedule so that I can get a few more items from the collection and gives you guys a better feel on the line. So far I have to report that the blush formula is smooth, pigmented, and long-lasting. The packaging gets an A+ too! Stay tuned people, I’ll be back!

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