Weekly Recaps

The Weekly Recap #19


The Insta-recap @lipstickwithsomesunshine : my July favorites / new-found gloss / a days necessities featuring a Marc Jacob blush / simple FOTD / feeling like Suzie from Hello-October lounging in socks and fresh white sheets / Vivianna approved makeup / slappin da base mon! / Butter London do cream blush? Oh yes and very well I might add

Product of the week : I’ve rediscovered my Nars Barbarella lipstick courtesy of Anna thank you very much. It’s a pretty sheer coral pink and I don’t even need a mirror to apply it.

Must read blog post : Nouvelle Daily wrote a post on some homemade peach lemonade and I’ll be on my way this afternoon to purchase my ingredients to recreate it! It looks delish!

Must watch video : I’ve been obsessed with Vine videos and honestly it’s just freakin hilarious! You have to see this bird do his/her thang. Its only 7 seconds of your day that will be taken up I promise!

Adding to the wish-list : So the Marc Jacobs Beauty line released and I went to my local Sephora to have a look. I only picked up a blush because I have nothing like it (review coming soon) but I think I’ll be going back for a lipstick and maybe a nail polish (blogger problems).

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