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Eucerin Overview


I’m not a girl to splurge on a $48 body cream so that its done by the end of the month. Eucerin products are very inexpensive and show results which is what I’m most concerned with. My body parts unfortunately are super dry and need to be slathered after each shower. I’ve been testing out this little arsenal of body care and here’s what I think . . .

  1. Daily Protection Moisturizing Body Lotion with SPF 15 – This is great for everyday and although it claims to be fragrance free it does smell a bit like sunscreen but it does fade quickly. Once you put on your perfume for the day you can’t really smell it at all. They have a scale at the bottom of the packaging which shows if the products is closer to lightweight or rich. This has the second water drop circled and is true to the scale. This contains SPF 15 which is great for the summer time.
  2. Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme – This is my favorite out of the bunch! You all know how much I love my L’Occitane hand cream but at $10 a tube it can get a little pricey. This contains more than double the amount and works just as well! It contains AHA which is a gentle chemical exfoliant to help achieve smoother hands. This stuff is good and doesn’t smell which is great if you don’t want fragranced hands. The third water drop is circled on the scale.
  3. Daily Protection Moisturizing Face Lotion SPF 30 – All I can say is that this is a wonderful facial SPF that is affordable and effective. It works great as a base for my foundation and isn’t too tacky on the face. It needs to be worked into the skin so you can’t just slap it on but overall I’m very pleased with it. The second water drop is circled on the scale.
  4. Smoothing Repair Dry Skin Lotion – This I found great to work for my feet, elbows and knees. It’s fast absorbing and Contains Gluco Glycerin which helps improve water distribution within the epidermis. It’s a bit greasy for the rest of the body unless you don’t mind it and suffer from severe dry skin then this is for you. The third water drop is circled on the scale.
  5. Original Healing Soothing Repair Lotion – I have mixed feelings about this one because it really moisturizes my dry legs but I can’t get over the awful smell! It does subside and I do wear a body spray to mask the scent but it’s very pungent upon initial application. It smells of pure rubber but then again it works really well. The fifth water drop is circled on the scale.

You can visit the Eucerin website to find a location near you as to where you can find their products but you can find them at most drugstores.

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