Boho Bonnet




I was determined to find a dupe for YSL’s Fall 2013 nail polish in Gris Underground. You can find swatches of it here on The Beauty Look Book’s website, she has the most amazing swatches! I was at my bf’s house the other day and she had this color sitting on her table and I freaked! She’s was nice enough to gift it to me because she isn’t fond of cool colors and I was happy to take it home with me. It’s definitely a bit warmer than the YSL polish but in different lighting it looks very cool too. I wouldn’t say its an exact replica of the polish but its pretty close. The color is Orly’s Boho Bonnet and even the name is adorable! It goes on perfectly in just 2 coats and the formula is super smooth. I can see this becoming a transition to fall color for me and thought that it was post worthy!

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