The Budget Buy

Kiss Trio Lashes



I love a good false lash strip but individuals have to be my absolute favorite! They’re much harder to apply but well worth the final result. Now these are just genius, they’re three individuals combined on one seam! They’re so simple to apply and great if you only want to apply lashes to the outer corners of the eye. They have two different sizes in the pack X-short and short. It comes with 30 bunches and this nifty little glue pocket to dump your eyelash adhesive in to prevent a mess. They range from $4-6 in certain pharmacies. I’ve only been able to find them at Walgreens so far and last time they had a buy one get one deal going on if you decided to stock up. I’ll be doing an entire post dedicated to falsies so stay tuned for that and these trios will definitely be featured in the line-up!

One thought on “Kiss Trio Lashes

  1. That glue pocket is such a good idea! I actually find individuals so much easier to apply,I just cannot get the full strip right! haha xx

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